Without data, we can’t know if the work we are constantly doing on websites is actually performing and making a positive difference. Learn with Blizzard how to use your data to the fullest potential!

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What is Google Tag Manager?

GDPR Opt In Email Marketing

The GDPR: Why Europe’s New Privacy Law Will Change Email Marketing For Everyone

From Facebook to Google to the halls of the FCC, debates about data privacy have been heating up across the world, and politicians are taking notice. The General Data Protection Regulation, the EU’s new privacy law, aims to curb the privacy abuses of the past by uniting the data rules of all EU member nations […]

Millenial enjoying the mountains

5 Tips to Attracting Millennials

The Largest Living Generation on Earth Millennials, a technology-loving generation born in the 80’s and 90’s, are providing the vacation rental industry an opportunity to make money. Attracting this huge generation of people, the oldest of which are already 37 years old, is important no matter where your company is located.  Whether skiing powder or […]

Navigating the Frustration of “Not Provided” Search Data in Google Analytics

If you’re using Google Analytics for website tracking, you’re certainly aware of the privacy policy changes that resulted in a huge selection of keyword data becoming unavailable. In October 2011 Google implemented a new privacy policy that resulted in “not provided” keywords displaying in the organic keyword list. Keyword search terms for visitors who perform […]

Upcoming Search Marketing Workshops

Blizzard’s upcoming workshops that can help you market your website more effectively. It would be great if you can attend any or all of these… if you cannot, order a video copy instead.  We are selling a package of ALL 3 workshop for $499 and will record each workshop and deliver it to you via […]

Top Reports in Google Analytics Every Marketer Should Use

This is a recording of a 20 minute session presented by Trent Blizzard at RezFest2012.  The topic was the top reports that many marketers don’t know exist in Google Analytics.  The reports include Multi-Channel Reporting, Queries, Events, In-Page Analytics and Experiments.  

See How Easily You Can Learn About Google Analytics and The Power of Your Brand in Search

Blizzard has a few Webinars coming up. Hope to see you there: Google Analytics Multi-Channel Conversion Tool Monday, November 28th, 2011 10AM MST Learn about the most exciting new Google Analytics feature to come along in years!  This may be the single most exciting online marketing development during 2011. Learn how to setup and interpret […]

How I Improved my Google Analytics Reports in 90 Seconds

The “new” version of Google Analytics has several new reports that are worth studying.   One report I like is the “site speed” report which is newly available in Google Analytics… it simply tells you how fast your website loads on average and also breaks down specific pages for analysis. In order to make this new […]

Integrate Your Google Webmaster Tool Data into Google Analytics

Connecting your Google Webmaster Tool account and your Google Analytics account provides better reports in your Google Analytics AND more convenience.  This feature was released last week on the Google Webmaster Central Blog. I especially like having the “Queries” report right in Google Analytics which shows how many impressions my website received in Google search […]