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Google Analytics Gets Past First Touch Attribution with Multi-Channel Funnels

Most online marketers use and love Google Analytics.  We get excited by the numbers and spend hours figuring what is working and what is not.  Google Analytics is continually improving and rolls out new features regularly.  The next new feature it is rolling out is exciting; multi-touch attribution and multi-channel funnels. “Huh?” you say?  Here […]

Google URL Shortener for Your Long URLs

Now that you are making ridiculously long URLs with Google’s URL Builder you may have a new problem: those long URLs look stupid in many places… If you want to make a quick short version, go to the Google URL Shortener and turn this link: content=Consultation%2BPlan&utm_campaign=Hotel into this link:

Google Analytics URL Builder

Tracking your referral sources accurately in Google Analytics is a big deal. As the marketing person for a resort, you may increasingly rely upon the reporting that Google gives you to evaluate how your marketing efforts are working. The problem with relying upon referral reports in Google Analytics is that: Some or all of the […]

Conversion Funnel Tracking with PadiTrack

PadiTrack lets you easily create conversion funnels from your Google Analytics data. While it is true you can build conversion funnels in Google Analytics (through the goals area), PadiTrack offers a few advantages: Retroactive funnels… unlike Google Analytics, PadiTrack will build historical funnel results. Building funnels is easier and more intuitive in the PadiTrack interface. […]

ClickTale – A Valuable and Creepy-Cool Tool

ClickTale is at the top of our list of creepy-cool tools that you should check out if you want to improve your hospitality website. ClickTale provides valuable website insight by recording visitor movement and actions on your site beyond the boring click paths and page views. By recording website visitor interactions like mouse tracking, heat […]

Google Analytics White Paper

You can’t improve what you don’t measure; it’s as simple as that. This month we have shared tips on getting the most out of your Google Analytics, which is the go-to tool to measure and improve your website’s performance. When installed properly, Google Analytics can track the ROI of your ecommerce website and provide useful […]

Which Test Won? Social Proof, Yea or Nay?

One of our favorite in-office games is playing Which Test Won. Every week we receive and circulate an email with a featured A/B test, you’re tasked to review the test and vote for the version you think increased conversions. The results are more often very surprising.  Some of us always vote the opposite of our gut, […]

TripAdvisor Shares ROI Study for TripAdvisor Business Listings

TripAdvisor is touting a Forrester Consulting study The Total Economic Impact of TripAdvisor’s Business Listings that is sharing some interesting ROI results from 154 lodging properties (hotels, inns, resorts, etc.) with about 50% of them located in the U.S.. In a nutshell, say the TripAdvisor Business Listing: Offered a 410% “risk adjusted ROI” Annually. Averaged $6 […]

Lodging Industry Website Performance Averages

Studying your hotel’s website’s performance in Google Analytics can be a daunting task.  It is hard for many to even know where to begin and what reports to look at.  There is so much data available and it can be sliced, diced, filtered and segmented to an infinite degree.   Arggh. A common question for […]

Annotate Important Events that Explain Changes in Data

Spikes and dips in Google Analytics are often caused by specific events.  Maybe you released a new website, started a major marketing initiative or your website was unreachable for a few hours.  Whatever these case, these spikes and dips in traffic can be difficult to interpret, especially months into the future. Use Google Analytics Annotate […]