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Stop Sharing Your Google Analytics Password

Maybe yesterday’s post on Filtering Out Your Own Office’s Visits inspired you to update your Google Analytics but was too technical, so you asked for help. Did you give someone else your login credentials?  Have you ever given someone your Google Analytics username and password so that they could see your account?  Don’t do it!  […]

Stop Polluting Your Google Analytics Data with Your Own Visits

If your Google Analytics install is tracking visits from your office, or your web design/SEO team’s offices, your data becomes less relevant. Tracking those visits typically: Boosts your website’s visits artificially Raises your bounce rates Decreases your conversion rates It is quick and easy to tell Google to “filter” those out. 1) On your Profile’s […]

Google Analytics Professional Development Resources

Are you looking to learn more about how Google Analytics works? There are lots of blogs, forums and workshops available where you can learn more.  Two of my favorite resources are Conversion University and Web Analytics TV Episodes. Conversion University is a set of online lessons created by Google to help you become a more […]

Gross Revenue in Google Analytics vs Reality – A Wake Up Call

Amy Tomasello, project manager extraordinaire, and I were reviewing revenue data for a client the other day.  We wanted to compare what Google Analytics is reporting vs. what the client actually deposited “in the bank” for January. The reality was pretty interesting. According to Google Analytics, this VRM in Florida received about $85,000 in online […]

Fear Google Analytics – The Power of Analytics and User Data

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Mobile Phone Usage in Google Analytics

The experts tend agree that mobile is growing quickly.  Its impact on the hotel and lodging industry is expected to be great. Recent research and report data supports the experts: PhoCusWright reports in its mobile usage among traveller report from ’09 that mobile bookings will reach $160 million in 2010 and 77% of frequent business […]

February is Google Analytics Month at Blizzard

Blizzard is going to celebrate the wonderful world of Google Analytics this month with a bevy of informative posts about Google Analytics. We have lots of sharing to do about tools, reports, data findings, hacks and much more. Builtwith has some interesting data on Google showing a 73% market share.  They say: Google Analytics which […]

Web Analytics, Evaluating the Right Metrics

Now that you have successfully implemented a Web Analytics program to evaluate visits to your website, what should you be looking at? Whether you are utilizing the Blizzard ROI Tracker, Google Analytics or another type of analytics software on your website, these resources can provide valuable information about the effectiveness of both online and offline […]