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With more than 50% of more websites visit coming from mobile devices these days it is no wonder there is such a mobile-first focus in many aspects of internet marketing. Blizzard explores new mobiles and best practices to implement for the optimal mobile experience and performance.

Google's Mobile-First Index, Responsive vs Unresponsive

Mobile-First Indexing Begins

What is Voice Search ?

Voice search is the newest way to scour the internet. It utilizes speech recognition technology that allows users to search using speech versus typing. With the continued growth of smart phones users and other web enabled mobile devices with digital personal assistants (think Cortana, Siri, Alexa), voice search is becoming increasingly more important to consider […]

Please Be Responsive To My Needs

In case you were living under a rock, or still have dial-up, Mobilegeddon came in like a lion and wreaked a crazy storm of what-nows on all of us. Even if the exact repercussions are yet to be calculated in everyone’s Google rankings, the positive benefits of bringing awareness to your website’s usability on all […]

3 Tools to Help Withstand the Next Google Algorithm Update

Mobile-Friendly + Website = Awesome! Mobile-friendly and responsive website design best practices have been in effect for several years now, many brands have upgraded their websites to conform to this user demanded function. But for those of you who are unsure, use these 3 tools to test out whether your website and mobile devices will […]

There’s a Place in Pinterest for everything

Back in November 2013 Pinterest introduced its ‘Place Pins‘ to give Pinterest users the ability to map their favorite destinations. Pinterest developers had noticed that users were pinning, re-pinning and favoriting over 1.5 million places every day. They wanted to help inspire people to go out and do more things, explore when on vacation. Many […]

Best Practices of Mobile Website Usability in the Hospitality Industry

The key to ensuring a positive user experience for your guests on your hotel, resort or vacation rental mobile site is to simplify and streamline. Smart phone users are often on the go and are looking to quickly and easily complete their goal. Ask yourself, “What goals would my guests like to complete on my […]

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

If you haven’t noticed, people really like to use their cell phones. Whether it’s emailing, video chatting, finding directions, or wording with friends, there are very few things that you can’t do on a cell phone and very few people who could live without it.  (Is there a support group for that? I should probably […]

Mobile and Video Usage Research Statistics for Travellers

Based on a recent survey that Google conducted with OTX:

* 40% of business travelers said they used a mobile device to access online travel info; this was up from 25% just a year ago.
* 86% of personal travelers and 90% of business travelers watch video online.
* 63% of male business travellers and 58% of females told us they watched travel-specific content for a variety of different purposes: choosing destinations, organizing activities, making accommodation decisions, and more.

Google Mobile search volume has grown by 400% in the last year

Key Internet Usage Stats for Hotels

2/3 of Travelers use the Web exclusively to plan travel. 59% think customer reviews are more important than professional reviews. 63% are more likely to purchase if a company has reviews.