Search Engine Optimization

Learn all the latest SEO trends to help bolster your organic reach. Things are always changing, therefore, Blizzard is constantly amending its strategy to help clients perform as optimally as possible in this realm. Stay in the know and adopt these new tactics today!

How to Assess Existing Website Content for Improved SEO

How to Assess Existing Website Content for Improved SEO

What is Page and Website Speed Optimization?

What is Page & Website Speed Optimization?

SEO Tips for Better Blog Post Writing

SEO Tips for Writing Blog Posts

How to Optimize images the Right Way

How to Optimize Images for Web & Better Page Speed

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in an SEO-conscious world, pictures can weigh you down in your rankings. Follow these steps to optimize your images, keeping your image file size small and your page speed score big: 1. Use the right file format. Using the right image format can save you BIG […]

Everyone Wants to Know… How Do I Rank #1 in Google?

Things to Know about Google  & Content Assessment Did you know Google provides publicly a set of guidelines by which it advises its human quality raters how to assess digital content? Seriously, if you didn’t know this, or even if you did and forgot, it’s noteworthy! This 164 page pdf outlines the definitions and parameters […]

Google's Mobile-First Index, Responsive vs Unresponsive

Mobile-First Indexing Begins

Local Search and Off-site Optimization

Start Improving Your Off-Site Optimization for Stronger Local Rankings

In the vacation rental marketing world, a significant percentage of search engine optimization efforts fall into the “local optimization” category. This is because many of the topics vacation rental managers wish to rank for include a location qualifier. For example, “Myrtle Beach vacation rentals,” or “Big Bear cabins for rent.” Luckily, optimizing for local follows […]

On-Page Optimization Recommendations from Blizzard Internet Marketing

Give Your Website Some Love This February

 On-Page Optimization Ideas Think of spending time spent on your website as a gift to your business.  For many of our customers, this is a busy booking time or change in their seasonal services, so giving your site attention now can positively affect your whole year. Get creative with new ideas, consistently keep your website […]