Search Engine Optimization

Learn all the latest SEO trends to help bolster your organic reach. Things are always changing, therefore, Blizzard is constantly amending its strategy to help clients perform as optimally as possible in this realm. Stay in the know and adopt these new tactics today!

Millenial enjoying the mountains

5 Tips to Attracting Millennials

The Largest Living Generation on Earth Millennials, a technology-loving generation born in the 80’s and 90’s, are providing the vacation rental industry an opportunity to make money. Attracting this huge generation of people, the oldest of which are already 37 years old, is important no matter where your company is located.  Whether skiing powder or […]

What is Voice Search ?

Voice search is the newest way to scour the internet. It utilizes speech recognition technology that allows users to search using speech versus typing. With the continued growth of smart phones users and other web enabled mobile devices with digital personal assistants (think Cortana, Siri, Alexa), voice search is becoming increasingly more important to consider […]

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Don’t Be Left In The Dark – Use Google Search Console

Do you have a website? Do you market yourself online? Do you want people to find your website? All of the above? Well then YOU should be using Google Search Console. Developers, administrators and SEO specialists area already using this. If you have a website, you should be using it too. Oh, and in case […]

think locally, use local citations

Its Time To Get Excited About Local Citations

What are Local Citations? With an ever-growing market, how do we make our local businesses stand out from the crowd in our own backyards? There are many factors that determine your visibility on the web especially as it relates to local search. Local citations are one piece of the equation that can help to increase […]

computer code

In The Grand Scheme, YES, Schema Is Important (And So Is Structured Data!)

What is structured data? Structured data is a text-based organization of data that is included in a file and served from the web. Wait! Huh?! In more basic terms, structured data is predictable on-page markup that helps search engines better understand the information on your website and more accurately assess your site for search result […]

Sitemap for your website

Does My Webite Need A Sitemap? What The Heck IS A Sitemap Anyway?

What is a sitemap & why are they important? A sitemap is a file or list of webpages on a website that is accessible to both search engine crawlers and users to tell them about the organization of your website’s content OR as its name implies, it is a map of your website’s layout. When […]

Five stars

Build a Review Generating Machine for your Properties

One of the most critical and difficult aspects of any hospitality business is getting good reviews and increasing them on the web. Reviews are critical because they ultimately lead to more bookings and grease the wheels of your business in general. The more positive reviews that you have, the higher you rank in OTA websites, […]

Facebook Insights – The 5 Page Metrics that Matter Most

With all the different social media networks available these days, brands need to pay attention to which networks are going to be most beneficial to them. Almost always, Facebook ends up at least in the top 3 networks to be on, not to mention if you take a look at your web analytics, you’ll probably […]

HTML and XML Sitemaps: Why You Need Both

  In the SEO world, the use of sitemaps is always advisable. There are two types of  sitemaps, the XML sitemap and the HTML sitemap. These sitemaps are very different with each serving its own purpose and both providing value to your website. What is the difference between XML and HTML sitemaps? XML and HTML […]