Search Engine Optimization

Learn all the latest SEO trends to help bolster your organic reach. Things are always changing, therefore, Blizzard is constantly amending its strategy to help clients perform as optimally as possible in this realm. Stay in the know and adopt these new tactics today!

Benefits of Online Press Releases

The secret to directing traffic to your web site is publicity. While the concept is simple enough, executing a plan of action isn’t always straightforward. Top placement in search engines and strong site traffic are very competitive, so businesses are continually seeking an edge. Look no further than online press releases.

While pay-per-clicks, directory submissions, link building, and strategic search engine optimization…

Hospitality Industry Enjoys A Increase In International Business

The US hospitality industry has enjoyed an increase in international business due largely to a weakening dollar and an improving world economy. Here are some ideas that might help you target international guests.

We have noticed a number of clients doing the following to successfully maximize the amount of international business:

International Search Engines

Do you want to attract business from overseas, but don’t know where to start? The obvious places to begin your international online advertising campaigns are in other English-speaking countries. However, you can easily expand beyond these borders. One in four earthlings speaks English with some degree of competency, and more than 80% of the home pages on the World-Wide Web appear in English…

Amusement Park Directories

When school’s out and the weather’s hot, people flock to amusement, theme, and water parks. It’s estimated that in 2002, 324 million people in this country spent 9.9 billion dollars feeding their need to be “amused”. While many of these visits are by day-trippers, it can take several days to navigate through large parks, and a one-day visit to an amusement park is often incorporated into a traditional family vacation or becomes part of a weekend visit to an area.

After a long day of walking, riding, playing, watching and splashing, many of these folks will need a place to rest. This usually will not be your typical bed and breakfast crowd. However, establishments near these venues that welcome children or appeal to young adults may find it profitable to be listed on websites that cater to this large niche market.

Lodging Directory Update

by Russ Cabe – Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc.

Here are a few directories that we are currently trying out.  We continually view tracking reports to measure their performance in driving solid traffic to our client’s websites:

California Travel Dreams Directory
A genuine ‘first tier’ directory and guide for California travel related business, holding the very top positions for major related searches, on all major search engines (see below).  Introductory offer to Blizzard clients only – three months free with purchase of a one year subscription – two ad packages:

* $175 per year "one category rate", less free three month gift value ($43.75) = $131.25
* $275 per year "all appropriate categories rate", less free three month gift value ($99) = $176

Choose this ‘top rated portal’ for guaranteed traffic to your website!  It holds "Top of the heap" on the very first page of all these critical searches!  It doesn’t get any better – search the following phrases to see how California Travel Dreams comes up in the top search results for Yahoo, Google and MSN.

Promotion Q & A

Promotion Q&A
Jason Schmahl, Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc.

When I purchased my domain name, I couldn’t get “.com” name, I could only get “.net”.  Will this affect my search engine rankings?
The short answer is no. A “.com” domain holds absolutely no ranking advantage over a “.net” one.  Each suffix is on the same level as far as search engines are concerned.  However, it should be noted that in the common eye, “.com” may indeed have more name recognition.  Most people who peruse the internet will assume that a URL ends in “.com”, so it may be a benefit to have the more common suffix.

Ken’s Corner

Ken’s Corner

Question: I have noticed a lot of Hotel and B&B sites have maps; is this an effective feature to have on my site?
Answer:  A map, or maps, can be a great addition to any website –  especially for the lodging industry. People tend to be very visual and it is not enough to give your address and describe the distance to attractions, users will want to see exactly where they will be in relation to the reasons they will be in the area.

Adding a map to your site can be done one of two ways; we can simply scan in maps that you may already have in your marketing materials, match them to the site in color scheme or design, and add them to your existing directions page or area attractions page, or Blizzard can create for you a map that lets the user zoom in for detail and zoom out to see your area’s features. For more information on adding maps to your site visit

Link Building News

Link Building

The power of link building has taken a fun political twist. A quick search in both Google and Yahoo for the word “waffles” reveals John Kerry’s homepage as the #1 result. Bush supporters have been able to do this through a link building campaign, where they linked to the John Kerry homepage using the word “waffles.”

This is nothing new. A search for “miserable failure”, “French military victories” and “out of touch executives” all reveal #1 rankings that have been “gamed” by SEO pranksters.