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There is a new social platform practically every day so much so it can be overwhelming. Learning from Blizzard how to focus your social efforts for the maximum return and engagement with guests and potential guests.

Big Owl Eyes

The Eyes Have It! Using Pictures For Social Media

Pretty Pretty Pictures We humans are visual animals. We are attracted to bright, pretty, colorful pictures, more so than by words. For example, on the right are some actual scientific facts as compiled into a great infographic by Jose Moran at Isn’t it pleasing to simply pass your eye over this visually stimulating infographic? […]

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You Oughta Be In Pictures – Pinterest vs Instagram

You know you should know. You know you should be doing it. You even sort of know you want to, but you’re just not certain you understand what IT is (or in this case, its.) Pinterest vs Instagram? What are they? What is the difference? Why should I care? I Heard You Got Pinned Pinterest […]

The Password is PASSWORD

                     Highlights from the last few months in cyber-chaos April, 2014 – The “Heartbleed Bug” strikes, affecting as many as 500,000 websites. November, 2014 – Sony Pictures Entertainment hacked by person/persons unknown; leads to a complete and total meltdown in Hollywood,  forcing people in the “biz” to actually pick […]

Facebook Changes their Algorithm Again

You think Google changes their search algorithm all the time? Well, Facebook changes just as frequently. This week Facebook is rolling out an altered news feed algorithm once again. In previous updates, Facebook has tried to ensure that users see the posts that are most popular within their circle of friends, even if the post […]

Twitter’s New Layout is Here!

We all heard it was coming but it’s finally here! Twitter’s new layout has finally arrived and is available for everyone. All you have to do is log in to your Twitter account,  and there it is, the option to update now or later, it’s your choice. I would advise updating now! Within your account, […]

Twitter’s New Layout: It’s Here!

This was just too good not to share! You may have heard a little something back in February about Twitter’s upcoming layout overhaul…well those weren’t just rumors. Twitter is finally getting ready to launch its new layout to a small group of users and within a few weeks you might have it too. In this […]

Facebook Introduces – Website Custom Audiences

It seems every time I open my email in the morning I have a newsletter about more Facebook updates. Sometimes these types of news updates are mundane and practices which I have already integrated into my daily best practices, but today, however, today was different. If any of you follow Facebook updates or are super […]

There’s a Place in Pinterest for everything

Back in November 2013 Pinterest introduced its ‘Place Pins‘ to give Pinterest users the ability to map their favorite destinations. Pinterest developers had noticed that users were pinning, re-pinning and favoriting over 1.5 million places every day. They wanted to help inspire people to go out and do more things, explore when on vacation. Many […]

Facebook Contests – Are 3rd Party Applications Still Important?

Facebook announced last week, some major changes on how businesses can run contests and promotions. No longer requiring 3rd party apps to be used, Facebook wants to make it easier for those without the proper knowledge, budget or capabilities to be able to enter the FB promotions rat race.  Businesses are now allowed to run […]

Why the Miley Thing Mattered

I think Miley Cyrus taught us all a valuable lesson on Monday. Your eyes aren’t fooling you. You read that right. Miley Cyrus lit up the social world with her antics on MTV’s Video Music Awards. When led their news with the Miley story on Tuesday (a day when a new war is on […]