Social Media

There is a new social platform practically every day so much so it can be overwhelming. Learning from Blizzard how to focus your social efforts for the maximum return and engagement with guests and potential guests.

Facebook Updates Their Algorithm

So one of your Facebook friends just shared this awesome picture of their trip to Bali. They posted it at 4 Pm Bali time which means you were probably in REM sleep mode when they made the post. Though you don’t talk to this friend very often on Facebook, you knew they were going and […]

More Data on the Power of Facebook and Travel Decisions

According to a 2011 poll featured on UK-based flight comparison site, 52% of Facebook users stated that seeing friends’ vacation pictures inspired them to book a trip to that particular place. According to Friend2Friend, travelers are 80% more likely to book a trip from a friend liking a page than they are from responding […]

Flash Sales Growing in Importance in Travel Industry

Chris Davidson, Chief Client Officer of Y Partnership, shared some  travel market data during the Vacation Rental Manager Association 2011 national conference.  Notably: Flash sales in the travel and tourism industry are becoming more popular: 25% of travelers booked a travel service because of an unexpected e-mail. Last chance sales and high-urgency offers are also […]

The Rise of Social Network Ad Spending

The Rise of Social Networking Ad Spending Flowtown Reports: Social network ad spending is once again on the rise, argues a recent study which predicts that US advertisers will spend  nearly 1.7 Billion on social sites this year.  This estimate is a noticeable increase from initial 2010 projection made by eMarketer, which forecasted 1.3 billino […]

Consumers Want Personal Deals and Services

In a great article about Customer Loyalty and Hotel Marketing (In Search of Customer Loyalty) Madigan Pratt reports:

Today’s traveler is far more sophisticated than ever before. And they want your messages to be personalized. According to the Chief Marketing Officer Council survey:

* 58% of consumers surveyed want more compelling and personal benefits and services

Key Internet Usage Stats for Hotels

2/3 of Travelers use the Web exclusively to plan travel. 59% think customer reviews are more important than professional reviews. 63% are more likely to purchase if a company has reviews.

Blogs Get Links and Facebook Usage Stats

Josiah Mackenzie shared 8 social media stats we can actually use. Here are a few of my favorites.

* Organizations that blog get 97% more inbound links to their website, and 55% more website visitors (Hubspot research)
* The average Facebook user spends 55 minutes per day on the site

Twitter and Blog Usage Stats for Big Companies

According to a study by the Society for New Communications Research with 2009 data:

* 35% of Fortune 500 corporations had an active Twitter account as of 2009
* Of the top 100 companies, 47% have an account

Food Reviews an Important Part of Travel Plans

A recent poll from Travelocity also showed that 75% of people consider food an important part of their travel plans. An increasing number of travelers are looking to travel review sites for great tips from real travelers on where to find food that’s worth the trip. Source