Yellow Pages, Local Search and Reliability

We may think the print Yellow Pages are dead, but they won’t really die until online business information becomes more reliable.

What’s So Good About IYPs?-Part 1

Internet Yellow Pages culture of personalized service to their clients can give them an edge when selling Search Engine Marketing to local businesses.

What’s the Value of a Domain Name?

At the recent Webmaster World PubCon, a domain name auction was held. In addition to the auctioneer and a room full of prospective buyers, bids were also taken over the internet and  streamed live by WebmasterRadio. I was astounded at that unappealing names with little or no PageRank or backlinks were selling like hotcakes for […]

Your Face Could Be Your Password

Here’s an interesting development for technology. A Canadian based company, Bioscrypt, announced the creation of a 3D camera for desktop use. This is not your ordinary camera. The camera is the first ever face recognition camera that will authentic a user’s identity. It will perform both identification and verification functions. The VisionAccess Desk Cam comes […]

What is Path Analysis?

Blizzard Tracker allows users to view the path a visitor takes from their website’s home page to and from any other page in the site. This provides an excellent means for evaluating the usability, relevance and appeal of various paths through a web site. If usage of a certain link is lower than expected, the […]

What is a Firewall?

A Firewall is a combination of hardware and software that functions in a networked environment to prevent some forbidden communications and or viruses. This is similar to the basic function of a firewall in building construction. It controls connectivity between different “zones of trust”, which include the Internet (a zone with no trust) and internal […]

When’s the Best Time to Go Live?

Often, clients in the hospitality industry are so excited by their new travel destination website that they want it put up as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this completely understandable reaction frequently is not the best route to pursue. Blizzard, on the whole, prefers to “go live” with sites on either a Monday or Tuesday. The […]

Why Use e-Newsletters?

Have ever wondered about the advantages of having a monthly e-mail newsletter? Here are just a few reasons to consider e-mail newsletters as a part of your travel marketing strategy: Fill rooms at your hotel, inn, or resort during a slow week by offering last minute specials. Keep your lodging property fresh in the minds […]

Yahoo Adds Marketing Partners

Adding to reasons to market in Yahoo… Yahoo Search Marketing announces that it has five new partners to add to the list of many that will now participate in the pay-per-click market by displaying search results. Technorati, Napster, Connexion, Verizon, and Userplane have joined forces with Yahoo Search Marketing. Most of these companies target younger […]