Are You Ready for Vacation Rentals To Be Bookable on Google?

Are you ready for Vacation Rentals on Google?

Want to enroll in a beta test on Google? If so, read on.

Has anyone used Google Flights recently? Searching for flights on Google is pretty amazing. It’s fast and the search results are laid out in an extremely relevant way. This is true for both desktop and mobile searches. Have you tried searching for a flight via voice search? Google is way ahead in understanding how people search by speaking.

So, that’s flights. What about hotels? Google has had this little guy on its search results for many years.Google Map Hotels It used to be called Google Hotel Finder but now is part of Google itself.  Hotels can participate on it through OTAs such as Expedia or Priceline, and most recently, hotels can send their pricing directly to Google via Google Hotel Ads.

Here’s the Exciting Stuff:

The most recent news is that Google is adding vacation rentals to show up on Google the way that hotels do.

The Onsite Property Manager’s Association, OPMA, is already listing their members’ vacation rentals through a beta test program with Google. So far, channel managers such as RedAwning, BookingPal or NextPax are the only ones on Google’s list to be able to integrate vacation rentals with Google.

Do you want your vacation rentals on Google Maps? If so, there are a few things you need to make sure are on your website.


  1. Do you have one URL for each rental property?
  2. Do any of your URLs have <>?@#%&* in them? If so, that’s a problem. Those are called dirty URLs, and they are not good for Google.
  3. Do you have one URL for each property location, whether that’s a condo complex, neighborhood or city?
    1. Are you not sure? check your XML Sitemap like this:
    2. Don’t have an XML sitemap? Ask the Frog. Download this free tool (Screaming Frog) and then put your URL in it. It will show you all the pages you have on your website. Please note: If your website has a lot of blanks in the Title tag, H1 or H2 columns, your website is missing the most basic SEO fundamentals.
  4. Google MyBusinessIs your Google MyBusiness listing verified and optimized? Google wants a “Google Card” like this for this beta test. On Google MyBusiness, there is a way to show multiple locations for one website. Think about all the fast food chains you know, or retail stores, or hotel chains, for that matter. While it’s not entirely clear, we believe that if you have multiple places where you do business, you will manage it with one Google MyBusiness listing and each location where you do business needs to have a clean URL with content that Google can crawl.
  5. Bigger is better. The more units you have at one physical location, the better. Make sure you can see all of them on one URL, like this:
  6. Security is key. Is your website secure?

Our Blizzard websites are ready. Is yours?

Want to enroll in a beta test or evaluate whether your website is ready for Google?

If we get enough companies, together with RedAwning, we can move up on Google’s list to integrate with Google. The more URLs we have to add to Google, the better.