5 Tips to Attracting Millennials

The Largest Living Generation on Earth

Millennials, a technology-loving generation born in the 80’s and 90’s, are providing the vacation rental industry an opportunity to make money. Attracting this huge generation of people, the oldest of which are already 37 years old, is important no matter where your company is located.  Whether skiing powder or snorkeling the reef with the best high-tech sports gear, taking selfies at a local restaurant, posting on Snap Chat while touring an amazing vineyard, or attending a group yoga class via Facebook, Millennials are a demographic you need to pay attention to.

To attract Millennials to your properties, first you need to be found! The question is how?


Tip One: Optimize your website FOR Millennialsblizzard internet millennial tips

Ensure Millennials can find your properties online, and when they do, stick around long enough to book.

  • Optimize your website to show for terms Millennials 18-34 search for via mobile and voice search.
  • Ensure your website has a clear message for Millennials. Millennials are looking for outdoor and activity-based trips, so when considering the packages being offered, be creative, and tout those packages on your website.
  • Is there a direct path to booking wherever your properties are listed, and do these bookings include packaged services?
  • Make sure your website is fast! Millennials demand it.

Tip Two: Use Social Media

According to recent research from Magisto, beyond ad spending, digital marketing and social media have gone from an extension of traditional marketing to a digital first marketing strategy. This transition is being led by Millennials who instinctively are digitally native, social-first and driven by video. In order for larger and older companies to efficiently and effectively market to Millennials they must re-evaluate the distribution of their massive budgets.

  • Today’s consumers are visual. Most prefer to look at images or watch videos rather than reading articles. Incorporate images and video into your Social Media advertising. Video can help showcase your brand, and increase brand engagement and awareness.
  • Provide discounts and promotions to those who ‘like’ your Facebook page as an incentive.
  • Utilize an Internet marketing expert to keep an eye on market trends, and social media platforms to ensure you are on the right platform to attract Millennials.

Tip Three: Know Your Audience

Knowing and understanding the needs of your guests is the key to increased bookings.

If they’re young, don’t expect them to spend an absurd amount of money. Millennials are looking for a constant experience but at a fraction of the cost. However, keep in mind that when people travel, they spend money.

What are their interests?

  • Do many show an emphasis on authentic experiences, hip lounges, and high-tech amenities?
  • Are they interested in natural areas, or community events like local food, concerts, workshops, and yoga classes?
  • Do you offer strong high-speed Internet? If not, know that a large percentage of this group believe that Internet problems top the list as one of the worst travel issues.
  • If you find a pattern in your audience, then pay close attention to this marketing channel.

Why would they buy your experience?

  • What makes you stand out to those travelers? Is it because you offer romantic packages and know that your guests tend to be couples on a honeymoon, or do you offer skiing, snorkeling or kayaking packages because you are finding that your customers are staying there for those experiences?

What motivates them?

  • Travelers will buy based on emotion – do you want them to feel relaxed, or adrenaline rushed?

Tip Four: Be Straightforward

Trust is a huge part of the service industry. When travelers trust you, they will recommend you to their friends at home and online, further boosting your bookings.

  • Be helpful. Whether in person or online, provide a solution, directions, or a recommendation. If you come across as helpful and engaging, then there is a good chance people will return.
  • Reviews. Utilize feedback. Your guests are your livelihood, so engage with them and ask for reviews. When you get reviews, ensure that they are posted for others to see.

Tip Five: Research, then market yourself in high Millennial traffic areas

  • If you do not have your own concierge service, then consider collaborating with a company offering concierge services, who understands ways to create and target packages in your area.
  • Partner with local companies that have the same interest in attracting the 18 – 34-year-old generation and promote each other.
  • Advertise your packaged stays using online platforms geared towards Millennials.
  • Evaluate your mobile presence
    • The average American spends almost five hours per day on their phone. Keep this in mind when you consider whether your website experience is getting smarter about the user experience.
    • Push more interactive digital content to vacationers on the go. Because people interact with content differently on mobile, trim the length of the videos posted online, and add limited text overlays to these videos.
    • You want to make it as easy as possible for people to read about your properties, the packages offered, and book them using all mediums, including mobile.

For more information on growing your reach, and increasing your bookings, contact a Blizzard expert today.