How I Improved my Google Analytics Reports in 90 Seconds

The “new” version of Google Analytics has several new reports that are worth studying.   One report I like is the “site speed” report which is newly available in Google Analytics… it simply tells you how fast your website loads on average and also breaks down specific pages for analysis.

In order to make this new feature work you have to add a snippet of code to your tracking scripts: “_gaq.push([‘_trackPageLoadTime’]);”  You can read all about how site speed works and how to add the tracking script on the Google Analytics Blog.

The other 90 second improvement I made to my Google Analytics reporting was to integrate it with my existing Google Webmaster Tools account.

Both these steps are worth the few seconds required!

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  1. timeforcake web design
    timeforcake web design says:

    We’ve been having a great time using the Google Page Speed tool @ then integrating it into various Analytics accounts. There are so many things webmasters/site owners can do to drop their pages’ loading times—many tactics taking mere minutes but having huge impacts. And of course, integrating the tracking script so that loading times (both page-specific and in general) can be tracked in Analytics over the long run is yet another simple but valuable step people can take in better understanding their overall site’s performance.

    Thanks for sharing this info in a simple, clear manner and explaining that great things can truly be completed in just a couple of minutes time. Posts like these lower the perceived hurdles that keep so many from making continual improvements to their sites. Keep up the (really) good work.

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