Email Marketing Really Works in the Travel Industry

According to Research from Epsilon’s Email Branding Study: Flying High: Measuring the Value of Email Marketing for the Travel Industry, the receipt of permission-based email makes travel consumers more likely to do business with a travel company.

  • 63% of recipients of permission-based email from travel companies more likely to buy from companies that send them email
  • 50 % who receive permission-based email from travel companies said they feel more loyal towards the sending companies and their brands
  • 86% of respondents who opt to receive email from travel companies do so to learn about sales, discounts and special offers
  • 51%  subscribe to learn about existing packages and destinations
  • 48% subscribe to receive coupons
  • 46% subscribe to hear about new packages, routes and destinations
  • 69% want to receive personalized content based on their website activity and past purchases
  • 48% who receive email from a travel company said the email has a direct impact on offline purchases.
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