Face Facts! Facebook Advertising Is For You

The Many Faces of Facebook Advertising

many faces of facebook advertising

  Billions of faces on Facebook

Face it. We all do it. Sometimes you want to deny, ignore or just plain pretend it’s not true. There are things you know are just good for you but you don’t want to do them. Facebook advertising often falls into this category. But WHY?

We don’t have to  paint a happy face on this. The reality IS happy. Facebook is where your potential customers are spending a LOT of their time. There are more than 1.5 billion active Facebook users worldwide, just waiting to be exposed to your Facebook advertising. What the savvy Facebook advertiser understands is that an audience reach like that leads to upwards of 22 billion ad clicks per year. Yes that BILLION with a B. What other type of advertising shows potential for that type of global reach?

And the cost for dipping your toe into this gargantuan resource? Facebook ads cost a fraction of what other advertising does. You can start running your ads for as little as $1 per day. That means $30 a month can get you in the door, meeting all of these folks you didn’t know existed, and who, conversely, didn’t know your business exists. You can set daily limits and lifetime budgets to really keep your spending in check.

Did you know that there are nearly endless targeting possibilities for your Facebook advertising? You can target by: age, behaviors, interests, connections, languages , schools attended/attending, workplace (current and past), relationship status, levels of education, your own email lists. There are also seemingly endless possibilities for geo-targeting ( you can target folks who live in or within a set distance of a small town, an entire continent or even those who are just visiting the area you are seeking to reach)

You can create your hyper-focused custom audience and then clone them finding a SIMILAR but unique audience who will see your ads. In addition to creating nearly any sort of audience you want, Facebook is constantly working behind the scenes to determine behaviors and interests with the use of third parties. These companies work on “data enhancement” to allow Facebook to offer these seemingly endless targets to us by learning about users consumer habits, hobbies, lifestyles and interests even when they’re not on Facebook.

advertising on facebook is a game with good odds

     Facebook advertising is a game you can win

Another option for Facebook advertising is re-marketing, which allows you to target those who have already visited your website, therefore having already shown some direct interest in your business. Seeing your info again might help push them to complete the transaction that brought them to you in the first place.

With all of these targeting and advertising options and engagement possibilities, the Facebook advertising platform can be daunting. The simplest of advertising can be done with a basic Boost Post which essentially turns your Facebook post into an ad right on your page. While this is extremely easy to to, you give up many of the targeting options available to you.

The next level is the Facebook Ads Manager. This platform is fairly self explanatory to use and walks you through the process of creating your ads, depending upon the campaign objective you choose, one of them being a Boost Post (offering many more targeting options.) You set the objective and create the targeted audience. You also set your budget, your bidding and the length of your campaign.  You then get to put on your creative hat and create the image and text for the ads. The ads do go through an approval process by Facebook, but most frequently start running almost immediately.

The most complicated feature available to you is the Power Editor. This is by far the hardest tool to use in the Facebook toolbox but frequently offers features and options that aren’t available in the other, simpler platforms. The good news is that these options often make their way down the totem pole, albeit months or weeks later. If you are a fan of exploration and like to try technically challenging things, the Power Editor might just be for you.

How Do I Know If Anyone Is Seeing My Ads?

find your facebook advertising demo

             You can reach ALMOST any demo

You can see how your ads are performing on Facebook in the Facebook ads manager. Facebook also offers you the ability to create customized website pixels that you can embed on your website to to help you track conversions. This pixel has recently changed, so if you are using one you created in the past, you might want to revisit the pixel creator to get the newer version. You can also create custom URLs as part of your ads that will allow you to track website conversions from Facebook directly to your website with Google Analytics.


Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when creating Facebook Ad campaigns:

  • Take advantage of your ability to use images in your ads, or even a carousel of images. Why not show off what you are selling. Pictures, as always, speak louder than words.
  • Images CANNOT contain more than 20% text. Keep this in mind when creating your content.
  • Don’t forget to optimize for mobile. You can review your ads as they will appear on multiple devices. Oftentimes, your ad will only be seen on a mobile devices so pay particular attention to that preview.
  • Split test your ads. Try running different ads to the same audience, or to different audiences or set up campaigns that have different objectives. Use hyper-targeted imagery for targeted groups or use more general images. Whatever you decide to do, you can keep track of your results and change things up right away.
  • Newly unveiled in the last couple of months?! You can create Instagram ads while creating your Facebook ads! Don’t even get me started! That’s an entirely separate blog post.

This is a really great post on the idiosyncrasies and pitfalls of advertising on Facebook and how to avoid them. The good news is that you can make a small investment and not see great results but use the information you get from your dud to better optimize your next campaign.

Ready to make that about face for your advertising?help advertising on facebook

The Facebook advertising platform is CONSTANTLY changing and modifying and evolving. Just last week, the entire structure for bidding changed without warning, essentially modifying the way you optimize your ads to achieve your desired results. Facebook is always seeking to improve the way your ads are delivered which can help you get more bang for your advertising buck, but do be aware that all of this innovation can come with a cost. You might never might never see the exact same platform twice.

Yes, Facebook advertising can be confusing, but it’s also very rewarding. Why not spend $30 this month and give it a try today? Confused? Frightened? Overwhelmed? That’s why we are here! Give Blizzard a call today to let us help you get on track with the ginormous audience on Facebook that is just waiting to hear from you!

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