Give Your Website Some Love This February

On-Page Optimization Recommendations from Blizzard Internet Marketing

 On-Page Optimization Ideas

Think of spending time spent on your website as a gift to your business.  For many of our customers, this is a busy booking time or change in their seasonal services, so giving your site attention now can positively affect your whole year. Get creative with new ideas, consistently keep your website fresh, and improve your on-page optimization. Yours is a long-term business so your website should steadily grow and change with you.

Entertain with a New Video Clip

  • People are visually drawn to the motion of video. You don’t have to produce a full-length movie, just make some short clips. Videos on your website can be as short as 30 seconds or up to 1 minute.  Oftentimes, a smartphone is all you need to shoot one. If you have something really interesting and informative to say, and your video is well produced, then you can keep people’s interest for up to about 2 minutes.
  • Upload your videos to your YouTube account or to Vimeo, then you can embed a link on your page. This keeps your page speed low.
  • You will get more rewards by publishing the video on your YouTube account or Vimeo when you optimize the video. Include a keyword phrase in your description, tell people what your clip is about and what services you provide, and include a link to your website. We do not recommend having the video auto-play or having the sound turned on. People may be in a place they don’t want others to hear, so allow them to click start and turn on the sound.
  • Widen your exposure by linking to it from your other marketing channels next. HubSpot has some guidelines on how long to make videos based on each channel: Hubspot Recommended Video Lengths 

Start a Conversation with New Text

  • When was the last time you read the text on your homepage? Get inspired to come up with new ways to entice yo
  • ur website visitors to take action: reserve, call, buy, or fill out a form. Inform them of the many reasons they need to come to y
    our region for vacation, for a business trip, a much-needed holiday. Tell them the benefits of doing business with your company, of booking directly with you, or signing up for your service.
  • Be the go-to website for current information. Review the information on your site to make sure it is accurate. Look for pages that don’t have much text then take that opportunity to provide more information. Determine a theme for the page. That will lead you to determine a primary keyword phrase to describe the topic. Aim for approximately 350 to 500 words per page and higher when you have a lot of valuable information to share. You can certainly write more, or you can break up your info into multiple pages.
  • Start a page with a question, then answer it in your content. Think of the questions people ask via their smartphones, then provide the answer.  This helps to improve your Voice Search results.

Snap Some Selfies (of your area)

  • What better way to sell your area than to show people what they can do when they arrive. Action photos of the activities that draw your people to your area and of the amazing places they can explore can be taken with most mobile phones. Pics of people experiencing the fun make it all more real, in the moment. Mix up the age groups of your photos to match your market demographics. You want people to say, “I want to be there!”
  • Even your photos should be optimized by giving them good file names and alt tags.
    • Here are a couple filename examples:
      • jpg should be renamed to Honeymoon-Cottage-Pool-Beachcity-FL
      • png should be renamed to Slopeside-Condo-Rental-MyVacationRentalCompany
    • Alt tags are meant to describe the image in case someone cannot view it and is also used by search engines and screen reading software.  Here are some Alt tag examples:
      • Private Pool at Honeymoon Cottage in Beachcity, FL
      • Slopeside Condo Deck near Aspen Tree Village by
  • Remember to include some on-page text that describes the activity and where it is located. This will make it easy to choose a strong keyword phrase which makes your page work even better for you. Sometimes it is a simple as “Wedding Venue in My City” and you’ve got it.
  • Relationship Building with More Links
    • While you are updating the text on your site with current information, keep a list of businesses you link out to e.g. restaurants, museums, services.TheBlizzard Internet Marketing - Website Portfolio Page n ask those businesses to link to a page on your site as well. Local businesses in related industries can help each other, it builds trust and citations. While not everyone will take the time to link to you, some may and that is a win for both of you!
    • Always be on the lookout for listings on your site for businesses that have new URL’s or have closed. You don’t want to link your site visitor to a dead-end. Remove the listing and link or replace them with valid URL’s.

Set a Date and Be Gracious

  • Share the love with the non-profits in your area by mentioning their special event either on your event calendar or in a blog post announcing the who, what, when, where, how of the occasion and especially why you support them.
  • You may want to offer a small donation or perhaps a slightly discounted stay for the attendees of that affair to show your community involvement.

Additions like this will keep people returning to your site to see what’s new. Remember, frequent updates to your site makes the search engines take notice too. They want to show sites that provide current information to visitors.  This work will bring lovely rewards in the way of new leads, retaining relationships with your guests, and keeping owners happy when they see that you are promoting for them by giving your website some love.

This can seem like a daunting list but hang in there, once you start clicking through your site, you’ll find all sorts of ideas for improvements. Remember we are always here to help provide you with a little guidance or to give your site some on-page attention.