Google Ads Scripts: What They Are & Why You Should Be Using Them

Google Ads Scripts: What They Are & Why You Should Be Using Them

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Efficiency is the key to success in the ever-changing Google Ads landscape. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to do it all! What if there was a way to get better results and spend less time managing your accounts?

Welcome to the world of Google Ads scripts.

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Why should I use Google Ads scripts?

Using scripts can:

  • Save You Time

  • Create Customized Reports

  • Optimize Your Bidding With Real-Time Data

  • Make Your Campaigns More Profitable

Scripts are easy to use, even if you do not know how to write JavaScript. There are many great open-sourced scripts on the web that are available free of charge. Most will give you detailed instructions on how to implement the script. Try a few of our favorites to get started! Clicking the script name will bring you to the open-sourced script site.

Our Top Google Ads Scripts

  • Heat Maps

    Use this script to create a visual report showing conversion “hot spots” for different hours or days. You can also get suggestions for hourly ad schedules and device bid modifiers.

    Heat Map by Brain Labs

  • Real-Time Position Bidding

    This script changes the bids of keywords, so they appear in target positions. It runs every hour, so it always uses real-time information about what the auction looks like.

  • Pause All Keywords With No Impressions

    This one will find and pause all of the keywords in your account that have never had an impression. Having too many keywords can clutter your accounts and make it hard to narrow in on your top performing keywords. It is important to keep your keyword groups up to date and trim the “dead weight” terms periodically. This is a great script to run once or twice a year to make sure that your keywords are still relevant.

Visit the Google Developers Site to learn more about Google Ads scripts and browse their Solutions Gallery for additional open-sourced scripts.

Set up scripts today to spend less time manually optimizing your account and more time developing your strategy, writing killer ad copy & finding the best possible keywords. Learn more about PPC and our services by visiting our PPC Page.

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