Stats About How Your Guests Compare You to Your Competitors

The Average traveler will visit 4 vacation rental websites and inquire about 7 properties.

vacation rental sites visited prior to booking

Travelers are 83% more likely to make an inquiry on your property listing if you have over 20 photos vs less than 5 photos.  Interesting Fact: Only 6% of properties feature over 20 photos (at Flipkey, a Tripadvisor company)

Photos Increase Inquiry Rate

Website visitors are 64% more likely to make an inquiry if your property description is over 2,000 characters (vs. less than 500 characters).  Interesting Fact: 39% of property descriptions are less than 500 characters.

Vacation rental managers that identified more amenities also received more inquiries.  Those that identified over 20 amenities got 41% more guest inquiries than those that identified less than 5 amenities.

More Amenities Equals More Bookings

This data is provided by Flipkey, a Tripadvisor company.  The data comes from a 2012 presentation  in Rome to EU VRMAs.

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  1. Andy
    Andy says:

    This is really interesting stuff and backs up some decisions we took recently about data required from vacation rental owners for our websites.
    Thanks for posting it.

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