Hitwise Releases Dec 07 Statistics for Travel Website Traffic

I ran across this Monthly Category Report from Hitwise – they are a major competitive intelligence analyst for many industries across the web. This report outlines the Statistics for Travel Website Traffic for December 07. SOme interesting data here that really didn’t jive with some of my assumptions, but we all know what happens when you “assume” things.

37.34% of ALL visits to the online ‘Travel” industry went to the top 10 websites for the month of December 07. 46.76% went to the top 20 websites and 68.04% went to the top 100 websites

So what were the top 20 websites?

Hitwise top 20 websites

Wow! Mapquest? Really? It’s nearly 10% ahead of Google Maps and it really surprises me. If you’ve every tried to use a GPS that features Mapquest you know what I mean!

Top 10 keywords for travel in Dec 07

Top 10 search terms

No real surprises here, we can see how important maps are to the online travel shopper. Do you have an interactive and comprehensive map on your website? Think about it and learn more in our free marketing white paper, Travel Maps for Hotel, Resort and Vacation Rental Websites!

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