Kayak+ Sidestep=?

Insiders are hotly anticipating the acquisition of Sidestep.com by Kayak.com that was announced in December 2007. When the two giants in Travel Search become one, what will it mean?


Greg Saks of Compete.com notes that the two sites don’t have much overlap in usage – only 10-20% – making this one of the biggest developments of the year in Travel Search. Both sites rely on other travel sites for leads and now the two will no longer have to compete against each other for that traffic.

Sidestep’s acquisition of TravelPost.com has helped it establish itself as a travel content site, which is a weak area for Kayak. Kayak’s technology, in turn, will help SideStep compete better. Between them, they attract about 5 million US visitors to their websites each month. See Greg’s analysis of their merger here.

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