Do The Safety Dance; Keeping Your Website Safe

Keep Your Website SafeMen Without Hats. They brought us the “Safety Dance” way back in 1982. They probably didn’t foresee that in 2016 the Safety Dance wasn’t just an incredibly upbeat Canadian anthem for 80’s club kids, but also a move EVERYONE should be doing to keep their website safe. These days the best gyration one can do to keep their website safe is to enlist the fluid moves of the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), the secure protocol version of HTTP.

How does HTTPS Keep My Website Safe?

HTTP is basically the language that your web browser uses to communicate with the website you are connecting to via it’s web server. When a website has a secured connection, that connection is encrypted, protecting the information going to and from the server from being eavesdropped upon by third party users. In order to keep the data safe and secure moving to and from a website’s server, HTTPS uses a secured socket layer (SSL) certificate to encrypt the data going both ways.

You will  notice that the https:// appears in the address of most heavily visited and well known websites as well as basically all online retailers, banks and credit card companies. You can see in your browser’s address bar that the HTThttps view PS will show up as green text and there is a little green lock to the left of the address. Take a peek next time you are on Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, etc.; you will see the little green lock. You will also see it when you login to your Google Analytics account. This leads us to the other reason you should consider upgrading your website’s security.

Safety First Keep Your Website SafeGoogle has been strongly promoting https for the past few years, and announced that it began giving a slight advantage in ranking to HTTPS sites since last year. Most SEO experts seem to be in agreement of late that Google is going to give more weight to this security ranking signal in the very near future.

Why make life easier for hackers and friends who don’t dance? Call Blizzard today to discuss upgrading your website’s security. Leaving your visitors and customers happy as well as making those Google bots pleased as punch,  leaving only the bad guys unhappy. And those are NO friends of mine. All of this security is going to give you more time to spray a whole can of aqua-net on your spiky locks and pop some fresh batteries into your Walkman. Then we can dance. And we can act like we come from out of this world, leaving the real one far behind.

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