Mobile-Friendly Searches – Google’s Recent Ranking Signal Update


Mobile Friendly

Google reports from its research data that approximately 30% of all searches are originating from mobile devices. As we all know, in the continuous development of their search engine, Google’s main focus is to provide better user experiences on its platform, rewarding those websites that aid in their mission by adhering to Google’s Best Practices, and of course, penalizing those sites who do not. In its pursuit of search engine perfection, Google releases updates to it algorithms seemingly daily, and not just one – but often hundreds of Google algorithm changes.

Google recently delivered news of yet another update: Mobile Friendliness as a Ranking Signal. The release is planned for April 21st of this year. The change to the algorithm, Google states on its blog, “…will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

  • What does this mean for websites indexed in Google?

Everyone will feel the significant affect in some manner. As Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji states,  the impact
will be larger than both the Penguin and the Panda algorithm changes. If your site is already mobile friendly, you should begin seeing a positive change in your rankings after the release. Sites that have not upgraded to accommodate a mobile friendly experience will be the ones that feel the negative effects of this change, possibly losing a percentage of share traffic. Having highly relevant results in a faster than a speeding bullet fashion has become a competitive necessity in search rankings, but now your site’s ranking can be penalized for not also having many of those same qualities on a mobile-friendly site.

At this point, Google has not indicated if this will also affect mobile paid rankings. This recent update currently relates to organic rankings in mobile searches.

Test your website’s mobile-friendliness by using any or all of these mobile-friendly testing tools.

  • What does this mean for Blizzard’s clients?

Global web traffic originating from mobile devices grows by the day, and staying relevant for optimal search performance is necessary. Google dictates how the game evolves, as it is the industry leader in all of search engine land, and now the new rule states that websites must be mobile-friendly…or else. Therefore, overall traffic will slow in the mobile and tablet columns if sites do not have a mobile-friendly presence. In today’s business world, any loss in exposure will quickly become a compounding problem.

After having done research on our clients’ overall traffic data, we have confirmed that the approximate average of mobile traffic is just below the average delivered from Google’s data when combining traffic from both mobile and tablets.

  • What can Blizzard do to help?

Our professional team of designers, developers and marketers can ensure our clients’ sites comply with Google’s newest algorithm change. Making a website mobile-friendly does require some time, effort, and resources from the owner, but do not allow those small details to get in the way of making an educated, long-term decision for the business. We recommend our clients keep in mind the advancement of online business and the impact it has had on the bottom line. As an internet marketing company, Blizzard Internet Marketing wants nothing more than to help each of our clients’ businesses succeed, keeping each of their best interests in mind. Blizzard Internet Marketing can deliver a mobile-friendly site that is worthy of sharing with the world.

If you find yourself in need of a mobile friendly presence in the wake of Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Change, do not hesitate to contact a sales representative at Blizzard Internet Marketing, and he/she will be more than happy to accommodate any needs, and answer any questions, you may have. Want to give us a call? 970.928.7875.