Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

If you haven’t noticed, people really like to use their cell phones.

Whether it’s emailing, video chatting, finding directions, or wording with friends, there are very few things that you can’t do on a cell phone and very few people who could live without it.  (Is there a support group for that? I should probably find one.)

As cell phones have become more advanced surfing online has become easier to do as well.  Consequently there has been large and steady increase in mobile users visiting websites.

In July and August, 2011, the average lodging website received 10% of its traffic via a mobile device, and during the same months in 2010 that was only 4%.

Here is a chart from BlizzardTracker showing this growth in mobile visitors over the past year:

During August, 2011, the average lodging website (based on 190 websites) received:

  • 4,759 visits from mobile users
  • Over 13,000 page views
  • A length of visit of nearly 4 minutes

Whether you do or not, people are searching on their phone for lodging options. If your site doesn’t work well on a mobile browser, visitors will get annoyed and go to your competitor’s site.

You don’t necessarily need a full functioning site, but you do need something to satisfy 10% of your traffic.

Have you checked your site lately? 

How well does it work in a mobile browser?


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  1. Nick Stamoulis
    Nick Stamoulis says:

    More people are using smart phones every day. Next year this time that number will be much more than 10%. You need to have a mobile strategy in place, especially if you are a business that operates locally since the majority of mobile searches are for local establishments (dining, entertainment, lodging, etc.)

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