Mobile Readiness & Tools that Can Help

It’s the era of the mobile device, connecting with everyone, everywhere, easily. Attention spans are short, as most users seek instant gratification with information at their fingertips. Having a website that fulfills the connection between the user and information quickly will win you points with your visitors and the almighty Google.. And it’s not just about site responsiveness and providing quality information to the masses; it’s about providing a fast loading page that withstands low patience levels. Without that fast loading page, what good is quality content and information if users don’t have the patience to wait?

Page Speed Testing Tools & References

Google has been pushing websites to increase responsiveness and page speed for the last several years, aiming to give the world audience a fast and efficient user experience, regardless of the type of device used to view content. Google has modified their page speed ranking requirements, added ‘levels’ of page speed status for both mobile and desktop versions of a website and created various other tools specifically geared toward improving the UX (user experience) for mobile users.

Testing your website’s page speed is easy; there are numerous online tools that will analyze page metrics and give webmasters feedback to improve overall website performance.  Update your website if you haven’t already, maintain and improve what you have and gain knowledge of your site performance with these tools and site references.

  • A quick easy test to get a nice synopsis of pagespeed performance on both Desktop and Mobile. The results provide items to improve while highlighting the most important items to correct.

  • Pingdom is another great tool to use when checking pagespeed. This tool allows you to retrieve information from different parts of the world and provides a wealth of information based on the results.

  • With several pagespeed testing criteria options such as location, browser and device, you can really see how your site measures up in a more detailed reporting system.

  • Let’s you see how mobile-friendly your site is. Also allows you to submit your site to Google for faster indexing.

Site Imagery & Video

In the vacation rental industry, it’s all about selling the area and its experiences to get people to book their next trip with you. Using attractive, original imagery and video is a great way to entice visitors to your site. But what happens when your beautiful image isn’t allowing your page to load fast enough, or when that cool video of a recent beach festival is constantly…loading? Your visitor wants to see what’s behind that spinning wheel.

On a mobile device, a screen size of a few inches is all that you have available to provide a preview of your website, and you want to make sure that preview offers a UX that’s visually stimulating and not frustrating. Making sure to optimize, resize and place images and video properly on a page is essential. Using a photo editing software, such as Photoshop, does the job nicely for desktop, but when talking about mobile usability you may need to take it a step further.  The following tools will help you to master image optimization.

  • Upload up to 20 images at a time to compress images. This can be done multiple times if needed. Export, save and upload to your site.

  • With various levels of membership, upload several images easily and compress. Sign up for a FREE account and receive unlimited image uploads.

  • A neat little image compressor. It’s one file at a time but you can review the original image and the compressed image side by side.

Videos can be a great way to get people to buy a product, but they can also be detrimental to your mobile page speed. By placing videos lower on the page, keeping the length to under 30 seconds and deactivating instant play, your site will maintain mobile page speed requirements and provide users with a virtual vacation experience. Most SEO-friendly WordPress themes offer video options that follow mobile-friendly best practices that are easily adjusted to give mobile users the best user experience. One of our favorite WordPress themes that handles video well is Enfold by Kriesi. Super sleek and provides top notch customer service and support.

AMP Up Page Visibility

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a popular acronym making its way up the ‘have to do’ list for organic search ranking and paid advertising. These mobile-friendly pages provide internet users quick loading, focused content only available to mobile users.

Pages and posts served up by AMP configurations give marketers and designers the ability to really provide the best UX for mobile users. With the majority of the world attached to their device(s), having the ability to specify what is being served to these users and at load times under a few seconds is a dream come true for many.

Our favorite AMP tool is this super robust plugin:

It integrates with Google Analytics, top social media platforms, Yoast SEO and many more. It is updated  with new features frequently, offers excellent customer service and a wealth of information, along with demo’s and numerous tutorials.

Always think about your website from a ‘Mobile First” perspective. These tools only scratch the surface of your websites mobile readiness and will help you to improve or maintain your rankings. Consider reviewing your competitor’s websites with these tools as well to see where you stand among your peers. With consumer demands for mobile at an all time high and Google focusing its’ ranking factors toward the masses of mobile users, now is the time to start making changes. Let these tools help you get there a little quicker.