Cut Through The Noise of Adveritising on The Internet

Advertising on the Internet Facebook vs Google Adwords, Vs Bing. Which is better for my small business?

Deciding what network to advertise on and how much time and money to spend on each of those networks can be extremely confusing for a small business owner.  For small businesses who have small business sized budgets, the three platforms that are generally recommend are Facebook, Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Each of these networks has its pluses and minuses, depending on what your advertising goals are. Here is some advice to help you cut through the noise to allow your advertising efforts to be heard.

Why You Should Advertise On Facebook

Facebook, has the highest number of user sessions globally; literally billions of people use Facebook daily. What sets Facebook apart from both Adwords and Bing, is that it really allows advertisers to find customers based on their interests and online behavior.  For many small businesses, Facebook offers the best value-for-the money options with a potentially BIG return on investment.

Facebook ads have very high visual appeal as they show up in the news feed of a potential customer. These visual ads make Facebook great for branding and creating inspiring ads which offer a great appeal for those potential customers to take action. Facebook also allows you to segment your audience in detail as Facebook knows a lot about each user.  It is the segmentation ability that enables advertising to market based on interest, beliefs, ideologies, ages, values that truly enable advertising a global market at their fingertips without having to have a high dollar advertising budget.

Why You MUST Advertise on Google

Google Adwords on the other hand, is the world’s largest PPC advertising platform. Not only do you have options of showing up in google search results based on a user’s keyword search, but you also have the option of advertising on the Display Network, which consists of millions of websites around the internet and globe.  With BILLIONS of daily search queries, Adwords gives you access to customers searching for particular goods or services by allowing you to bid on relevant keywords and search phrases.

Google has a variety of advertising formats.  There are text ads, responsive ads and visually compelling display ads. These ads can be combined with ad extensions, such as site links, user reviews, price extensions and more, provide a compelling draw to search users. Google also has some advanced targeting options that include location targeting, demographics, negative keywords, time of day, language and device selection. For small businesses, the Adwords auction platform helps level the playing field and allows small businesses a reasonable  opportunity to bid for keywords against companies that have much larger budgets.

Don’t Forget Bing

Although a smaller network than Adwords, Bing’s Ad Network has many of the same strengths of Adwords. Bing, by virtue of being smaller, offers users less competition for the same keywords
which makes advertising for those keywords typically much less expensive. A big plus for small businesses. For some keywords this cost can be up to 50% less compared to Adwords, which can show much better return on ad spend. Bing also offers more flexible controls that Adwords does not. For example, you have more controls at the ad group level and you have more say, in which Bing search partners you want to target with your ads.old timey phone

So, my advice for a small business owners is try each of these networks and see which one works best for you to reach new and existing customers and meets your advertising. If you are unfamiliar or don’t have time, then hire a professional. There are many agencies and independent contractors who just focus on online advertising and can save you a lot of money and dramatically increase your online return. Best of all, this return can more easily be traced than many other advertising options out there.  Give Blizzard a call today to find out more about what we can offer you to help you make the most out of your online advertising dollars!




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