Protect your Online Audience – Relevancy and Usability in Travel Marketing


The annual HEDNA (Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association) conference was held last week in Phoenix, Arizona.  Attendees found that one of the top challenges was information overload.

Henry Harteveldt, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research gave the Kickoff keynote and was pretty harsh on the industry as a whole.  SOme statistics that he threw out were:

  • 43 per cent of those surveyed by Forrester believe travel Websites shopping experiences have become less usefulForrester Logo
  • 15 per cent feel the Internet doesn’t help them save money
  • 11 per cent of US online leisure hotel guests say it’s more difficult to shop for travel online now than when they started.
  • 47 per cent of travelers are happy to fill out user profile forms, BUT more than half of those travelers say they’re not happy with the benefits received.
  • 21 per cent feel they can find the best travel information using offline resources

So what can the travel industry do to bring back the joy of online booking?  Think Relevancy and Usability.

Harteveldt advises that “we need to make online booking easier, be clear instead of confusing, reflect customer preferences, do a better job providing content and make it easier for guests to reach us” and vice versa. “We need to meet travelers on their terms, with tools that matter, to (re-)engage them,” Harteveldt says.

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  1. David Schachter
    David Schachter says:

    The problem is that online booking providers all have similar uninspired capabilities along with the clutter of advertising. We looked at what was needed to bring back the joy of online booking, and what technology features are required by today’s travelers. We then developed TripSync.

    TripSync, (, is the newest and most efficient online travel booking tool that’s specifically designed to accommodate today’s travelers. Additionaly, TripSync is free to use and there are no booking fees.

    TripSync’s features include;

    • TripSync is Completely Mobile – You can book a flight, hotel room or rental car right from your web-enable PDA or Smartphone!! Never get stuck at an airport again.
    • Book & Hold – Place your reservation on hold for 24hrs, retaining price and space. Finalize your schedule or get approvals without loosing availability and pricing.
    • Outlook Integration – If you use Microsoft Outlook, your trip is entered into you calendar as an event. You can even modify hotel and car reservations by simply dragging and dropping them in your calendar.
    • One Office Solution – TripSync enables users to book and manage travel for one or multiple travelers, from one tool. TripSync is efficient, easier to use and more economical than any other method of booking business travel.
    • Flight Alerts – Notifications via email or SMS text message for delays, cancellations, etc.
    • Weather and Airport Info – Check the weather for your destination and find out about the airport
    • Security Wait-times – Your flight might be on time but you can easily miss it if the security wait-times exceed the amount of time you’ve allotted yourself.
    • Departure and Arrival Info – Allows you to see how busy the airport/airline is by displaying actual real-time information.
    • 24/7 Quality Customer Service

    Check out TripSync, ( It’s the absolute best online business travel booking tool, and it’s free.

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