Catching up on Small Business Strategies

It’s been quite some time since we’ve updated you on the articles Carrie Hill has written over at Search Engine Watch. Summer seems to be quite busy around here – hopefully we’re busy because our clients are busy!

The following articles can be read in their entirety at Search Engine Watch. You’re welcome to comment there or here on the Blizzard Internet Marketing newsletter blog. Although Carrie’s articles are focused on small business marketing, the concepts can certainly be applied to larger enterprises with ease.

Have fun, pick through, and find your favorites – Carrie would love to hear any feedback you might have on her work!

Taking the Offline Business Online
Is it time to move your storefront into the virtual world? I outline the analytical process and the steps necessary to be sure your website meets the needs and functionality necessary to make the transition successful.

Think Small, Win Big: Social Media Marketing
Get involved in the “middle school” popularity contest that is social media marketing on a small scale – the rewards are far worth the minimal effort outlined in this article.

Say “Bah Humbug” to Holiday Marketing Stress
Yes, it is that time of year. Plan early for your holiday marketing and you’ll enjoy a stress free (or less stressful) fall season.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
The key to participating in your online community is to play within your neighborhood. Don’t be afraid to spruce the house up and plant some fresh flowers – it’s going to benefit you tenfold.

Don’t be a Local Yokel – Enhance Your Local Business Listings
Play with the competition by updating your Google Local listing.

Don’t Be a Local Yokel II – Enhancing Your Yahoo! Local Listing
Local listings in the search engines are some of the easiest ways to guarantee a good and accurate presence in local search. This article goes over the steps involved in updating your Yahoo! Local listings.

Using WordPress to Manage Your Web Site Content – Part 1
Build a website that will scale with your small business. Learn what steps need to be considered as you start to manage your website content with WordPress.

Using WordPress to Manage Your Web Site Content – Part 2
Learn the pros and cons involved in using WordPress to manage your website content.

Redesigning Your Small Business Web Site
Websites are like shoes, every once in awhile it’s time to upgrade! Learn the signs to look in determining if it’s time to upgrade your website.

Universal Search for Small Business: What You Need to Know About Google’s New Search Results
Google is now combining news, images, video, and more into their regular results – how can you compete? Here are some ideas for making your website viral and competitive in the new Google landscape.

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