Facebook Insights – The 5 Page Metrics that Matter Most

With all the different social media networks available these days, brands need to pay attention to which networks are going to be most beneficial to them. Almost always, Facebook ends up at least in the top 3 networks to be on, not to mention if you take a look at your web analytics, you’ll probably see Facebook as one of your top social referrers. A Facebook Page is the backbone of any brand’s social media presence. It is looked at by many as the main social representation of your brand and every section and action should be carefully thought out. Status updates made are sent to the News Feed of Facebook users who have already liked your page, along with several other users picked up through approved algorithmic metrics. By posting valuable, sharable content a brand page has the potential to boost their presence on this social network and in search engines exponentially. But with all this research, referring and sharing going on, which Facebook Insight metrics matter most and how should you use them?

The Top 5 Facebook Metrics that Matter Most

1. Page Engagement

You hear a lot about engagement but what does it really mean? Engagement is a major factor in the Facebook algorithm and encompasses all fan posts, comments, and likes of a brands content. Engagement also reflects the most important items crucial to your content going viral and building brand awareness. With a brand’s ability to capture a readers’ attention, connect with them on an emotional level (it takes emotion to take action), and share the right content at the right time, the

Post Likes – A ‘Like’ implies that a Facebook user finds value in the content you shared and invokes an emotional connection, resonating with them longer.

Post Comments – Any reply to a post; could be an image, a link, a note, etc. Paying attention to the tone of comments and reviewing which posts are most comment heavy, help in defining a brand’s overall Facebook strategy.

Post Shares – Amplifies a brand’s content by exposing the information to Facebook users outside of the brand’s current Facebook fan base. Information can be shared on a user’s timeline, a friends timeline, in a group or private message. Brands see sharing of content as the highest form of post engagement.

2. Page Engagement Rate

Engagement rate measures the number of unique users who engaged with your content as a percentage of the total number of users who had direct access to the information. This metric also includes the effectiveness at engaging your audience and reach of your content.

Engaged User – Anyone who has engaged with your page. Paying attention to the users that are participating in your page performance can help you determine whether you’re growing an active audience.

3. Pages to Watch

Keeping an eye on what the competition is doing. Knowing what content is already generating engagement will help you find and share content that already has influence.

4. Like Source

The location of a brand like. Where are users finding your page? Knowing where a like is coming from can help you with tactics on effective and sustainable growth. Like Sources are broken down by location and include actions taken through ads and sponsored stories, page suggestions, on page, on posts, and from others through extended Facebook Reach.

Like Sources can help with understanding the effectiveness of having external connects(social plugins), what percentage of new Likes is money driven(paid vs. organic), and how many users came from a mobile device.

Facebook Reach – Represents the total number of users who have been exposed to your brand during a given period. This metric gives an accurate measure of your engaged or most influential audience members. I say audience because not all page fans will see your posts and many of those who do see your posts are not fans of your Facebook Page at all.

5. When your Fans are Online

Posting content when your fans are most active will help to generate the engagement a brand needs to be successful. Don’t plan on getting a slew of organic page and post engagement at 3AM when your page fans are most active at 8PM.

Facebook Insights is a great resource for benchmarking your brand’s Facebook performance over time and includes several other great metrics beyond those listed above. Gaining an understanding of the metrics that matter most will aid in an overall successful Facebook marketing strategy and a presence that stands out from the competition.

Which Facebook Insights metrics matter most to you?