Google Double Listings

I’m sure you’ve seen listings like the ones below in the Google Search Engine Results Pages:


I’ve heard them referred to as double listings and indented listings. While they are both of these things, I prefer to use double listing, as double is the feature that makes me covet them.

Why do you want double listings?

Well, you get twice as much exposure on the page and you take up twice as much of the available real estate. This can push your competitors down the page and, perhaps, even off the page altogether.

The unusual look of the double listing also attracts more attention and helps to make people think the listing is somehow more important or authoritative.

However, twice the listing doesn’t mean twice the clicks, as some people would have you believe. Jerry West, our trusted SEO advisor at Web Marketing Now, tested this and found that a double listing results in about 25% more clicks than a single.

Why does Google award a double listing?

When two pages of your website rank on the same page of the Google SERPS, Google places them together in a double, indented listing. Keep in mind that most people have their display preferences set for 10 results per page, so consider a page to be 10 listings.

How can you get double listings?

You have to have 2 pages ranking very well for the same term. After all, if they aren’t on the first page – or maybe the second – no one’s really going to see them, so it doesn’t matter.

Optimize two or more powerful pages on your site for the same keyword phrase or a very close variation of the same keyword phrase. If you begin with a second page that already ranks in the top 20 for the phrase, you don’t have too many places to move to get it onto the first page.

Then, link from your page that is already ranking well to the page that you want to double down on using good link text. Build links from other sites to the page you want to boost, again using good link text.

If it works, try it again with another set of pages. Wouldn’t it be sweet if all your first page listings had a partner helping out like this?

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