Keynote Speaker at VRMA Conference Reiterates the Authenticity of Google

The keynote speaker Monday at the VRMA Conference was Megan Danielson, Google’s Manager of Midwest Travel.VRMA logo Danielson gave a very informative presentation on the various benefits and products Google offers. She began with some staggering statistics fully supporting your online marketing efforts. Some of the numbers included that 75 percent of adults in the United States are online, 31 percent of total traffic comes from search engines, and 65 percent comes from Google alone.

Danielson’s presentation reinforced our views of local search and social networking. She referred to the “Wisdom of Crowds.” Consumers are in control via user generated content, review sites, and video. These mediums are widely popular and continue to grow as marketing tools for your business. Integrating Google products, such as Maps, Earth, AdWords, Base, and Product Search, are a powerful way to be included in various pieces of that 65 percent.

Reinforcing Google’s goal of providing relevant search results to their users, Danielson reminded us that building a site using pertinent content is rewarded with better placement. Target your consumer and keep your site fresh.

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