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We have written many articles in the past about how press releases can have a big impact on your marketing efforts, including how they can be used for SEO purposes (check out Mary Bowling’s article: 5 Ways to Use Online Press Releases for SEO). Don’t believe us? Here is some proof:

Vacations Inc., a Winter Park CO Lodging provider, writes almost monthly press releases about their business, local area events, and other pertinent Winter Park news. After submitting these to online resources (PRWeb for example), they archive them as new pages on their website, so that guests can find a variety of information about the area. Not only does this provide beneficial information to site visitors, it also provides valuable content on their website that is well optimized and picked up by search engines. In addition to these pages on the website ranking organically, their press releases on news sites also tend to rank well organically.
Take a look at the “shelf space” that these press releases take up in Google’s top 10 results for various keyword phrases:

1st & 5th “USCSA National Championships Lodging”


Vacations Inc Winter Park Lodging

Click Image to See Live Query

1st “holiday blizzard Colorado”

Vacations Inc Winter Park CO Lodging

Click Image to See Live Query

5th, 6th, 7th & 10th “Spring Splash Winter Park”

Winter Park Vacation Rentals Results

Click Image to See Live Query

9th “Europe Ski Conditions”

Europe Ski Conditions Google Results

Click Image to See Live Query

If you have news, take advantage of it and use it to your benefit online. Submit it to online press release distribution sites and post news on your own website. Don’t let good news go to waste! If you have questions about how to do this, please contact your Blizzard Project Manager or our Business Development Department to get more information.

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  1. Carrie Hill
    Carrie Hill says:

    Great Tips, Danielle
    Press Releases can also be submitted to some major wire services with images. On occasion, if you get news in quickly, your press release will show up in Google Universal Search Results with the image next to the press release.

    This is a more expensive submission, but if you’re on top of breaking news in your area/industry it’s a great way to gain traffic. Our recent article on Universal Search, Personalization and Eye Tracking shows the value of having an image next to your result in the SERPS

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