Universal Usability for the International Traveler

You may wish to make it easier for foreign vacationers.

Travelers coming to the United States from other countries often try to make online hotel reservations, however withUniversal Mobility Image difficulties completing the required fields for their address. This is just one basic example of what it means to make your website usable for international purposes. This is why it may be important to test and evaluate from a universal perspective. We call the Internet the World Wide Web, and with this exposure there is a responsibility of designing sites ensuring international use. Below are some key areas to keep in mind when designing a site with a universal perspective.

  • Diverse Technology: Support broad ranges of hardware, software, and network access
  • User Diversity: Accommodate users with different skills, age, gender, disabilities, literacy, culture, income, language, character settings (ex: currency symbols), different business manners, etc.
  • User Knowledge Gaps: Bridging the gap between what users know and what they need to know
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