Ch..Ch..Changes – What Is Going On With Facebook Business Pages?

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange, Ch-ch-changes. It’s almost as if the late iconoclast, David Bowie, was singing about Facebook in his classic song “Changes”. Yet again, Facebook is making us turn and face the strange with its recent overhaul of how admins work with their Facebook business pages. Here is a VERY basic overview of where some of the features you grew comfortable with and accustomed to low these many years now reside on your page.

Who Amanage facebook business pagesm I? Why Am I Here? (Where Did My Facebook Business Pages Go?)

Once upon a time, in a galaxy pretty close to here actually, one used to be able to literally “become” your business page. You would be able to essentially swap your personal Facebook identity for your business one by “Logging In As Your Page.” Those days are LONG gone. Now, you remain “yourself” but can still act as your business page, with just a bit more attention to detail. Most of these images are from Blizzard’s business page, using the Facebook business manager. The same techniques apply with or without the business manager.

To get to your page, you can simply start typing the name in the search Facebook box, OR you can click on the drop down arrow at the very top right of your page and choose Manage Pages, which will give you a list of the business pages you manage. From there, you can select the page you want to work with.

Once difference with business manager. If you are using the business manager, you will see a box at the top with Go to Business Manager to manage this Page. Click on the bold print to get into the business manager.

 See Pages Feed

What’s the Buzz? Tell Me What’s Happening? (How To Act As Your Page)

So where the heck is my news feed, you now ask yourself when you are no longer able to “become” one with your page. Fret not, your page feed is still around, you just have to click on “See Pages Feed” to access it.

Say Something, I’m Giving Up On You. (How to Comment, Like & Post as your Page)

When you are in your pages’ feed, and want to engage with or comment on a post, just make certain that you are set to Comment/Like as your page. You will see your own profile picture on the bottom right of the post. Be sure that it is showing your page’s profile picture. This is your key to “acting” as your page out there in the Facebook universe.

The same rule would apply if you are commenting on a different page, or if you are commenting on posts on another page. You do not have to like the page to comment on it, you just need to make sure that profile is set to your page’s profile picture.

That’s What I Like About You. (How to Like Other Pages as your Page)

There are now TWO ways your page can like other pages. Once you are viewing your page’s news feed, you will see this at the top:  Like Other Pages

If you know what page you want your page to be all buddy buddy with, click the green button and start typing in the name. You will then be given the option to select the page you wish to use to like the page:


OR you can go to the page you want to like. Once on the page, next to the Like button, you will see three dots “…” Click for a drop down menu and choose Like As YourLike On Page Page. A new box will pop up giving you a drop down menu to Select a Page. Select your business page and now your page likes this page.




Teach Me How To Share (Sharing Posts on your Page)

This is not a new feature; this has been the method to share posts on your page when you were on your own news feed. No matter who you are currently trying to be on Facebook, if you see a post you want to share on your business page, click the share optionshare  Choose the middle option “Share..” 


A pop-up window will appear with ashare on your page drop down menu at the top. Click on it and select share on a page you manage. Choose the page from the drop down below and you will see “Your Page” Posint as “Your Page.  You can make your personal comment and click post and this will be shared on your timeline.


Oh Facebook, we ALL know Nothing Compares To You (Just Because – PRINCE!)

Facebook is constantly evolving. What is old hat today is likely to be replaced by a brand new hat tomorrow. Take a second every time you login to look around and make sure things are where you think you remember they were. Remember, change is good for all of us or something or yadda yadda, even if Facebook change really is the strange.

Songs (and one non-song) that inspired the sub-headings of this post:

Changes – David Bowie (the inimitable one)

Who Am I, Why Am I Here? (not a song, but an homage to Ross Poirot’s running mate, Admiral Stockdale-and then there’s this stunning Phil Hartman take on Stockdale from SNL)

What’s the Buzz? – Jesus Christ, Superstar

Say Something – A Great Big World feat. Christine Aguelira

That’s What I Like About You – The Romantics

Shine – Collective Soul

Nothing Compares 2U – The Purple One


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