Key Internet Usage Stats for Hotels

60 Key Ideas on the Social, Media Rich, Here and Now Web: a Beginners Guide by Todd Lucier

The bullet points are the highlights from a 60 minute keynote presentation at the BC Hospitality Industry Conference in Vancouver, November 24, 2009.  Visit the link above to see all 60.

  1. You don’t need to be a techie to accomplish a lot.
  2. Know your customer and meet their needs.
  3. 2/3 of Travelers use the Web exclusively to plan travel.  Not focused online? Don’t worry, you still have 30% of travelers who will see your stuff (as well as Internet content).
  4. I
  5. Photos: 2 Billion uploads/ month  on Facebook.  Flickr: 90 million/month – less than 1/20th size of Facebook. (September 09)
  6. Facebook is adding Half a Million New Users Every Day.  Don’tcha think some of them are your ideal guests?
  7. Over 44% of all Internet users are active in social media.
    Travelers are especially social:
    19% visit blogs
    1/3 have written a review
    42% Youtube
    33% Facebook
    27% Trip Advisor
    73% search for photos
  8. Twitter: 60 Million users, 1171% Growth Rate. Worth getting in?
  9. 19% of people update status daily – ie: Facebook status, Twitter, others.  That’s way up from just 9% in October of 2008.
  10. 59% think customer reviews are more important than professional reviews.
  11. 63% are more likely to purchase if a company has reviews.
  12. 60% of the people in world have cell phone contract (3.1 billion). Phones are replaced every 18 months.  Most new phones are smartphones.
  13. Over 90% of cell phone users have their phone with them 24/7.  This will be the Web marketing channel that matters most in travel.  Get started now.
  14. 39% of N.A. now have smart phones.  Double from 2008.
  15. 35% of 8 year olds in the U.K. have cell phones.
  16. QR Codes: in Japan readers on 70% of new phones and can hyperlink any place, time or object to the Web. Apps can do the same in N.A.
  17. Hilton watched handheld revenue only double from mobile site year over year 2008-2009.  Then in May, month to month handheld sales started soaring!  Up 400% month over month from May to October.  Yes, we’ve hit the tipping point for mobile.  What are you waiting for?  Maybe you need to shift some of your print advertising budget.
  18. Augmented Reality . . . don’t even get me started about what the future holds.

BTW, these points are all published here under creative commons license.  Feel free to use and attribute the ideas to this blog with a link back.

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