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Should I Blog Or Should I Go? Why You Need To Be Writing A Blog!

You hear it all the timewriting pens. From people who know what they are talking about. “You need to be blogging,” “Your should write a blog every month,” “Your website needs content; you should consider writing a blog.”

Ok, it’s annoying because you know that, most likely, these people who share their advice with you, often without even being asked, are speaking truths. But you HATE writing, you don’t have time and you think no one is going to read what I have to say anyway. So why should I blog?



Here are three great reasons why YOU should start writing a blog:
  1. When you write something about your business, or even something just for pleasure, you can’t help but learn something new, something that you didn’t know. You have to use your actual brain to write original content and you have to do research and put sentences together and all of that important stuff that you haven’t done since you HAD to do it for school. Blogging can help you stay on top of your industry’s trends and changes. You might not spend much time thinking about what’s up whatever might be going on around you. When you have to study up for your writing, your knowledge is goiblackboard knowledge is powerng to have to stay current and relevant and you might even end up as a trendsetter in spite of yourself! You also have to maintain your  marketing focus, i.e. making sure you are using keywords and meaningful subjects; you want to add to the relevant content on your website, so without even having to do anything extra , you are inherently going to better your SEO and add value to your site. With every post you write, you are investing in the future performance of your website as well as helping to build your brand.
  2. Blogging is also a great way to better your business, passion, hobby or whatever it is you are selling or sharing just by giving people the option to learn more about it. You have a chance to speak directly to the audience you are seeking to engage. Briefly, they are all yours, they are your captive audience. You can share information with them, try to persuade them, teach them something new. Your blog is your voice, the voice of your company, it humanizes your website and makes you more relatable. When you set the tone of your blog, you get to communicate personality and philosophies, not just words and numbers. You are also basically giving folks something for free. Who doesn’t love a bargain? It costs you very little to create your content, and if your reader finds it valuable, they will be grateful that you were willing to share something of value with them with no strings attached.
  3. Blogging makes you sound smart (assuming you write a quality blogsilverback gorilla with useful and correct information of course!) Blogging can inspire your readers to try new things or ways of thinking, making your something of a guru on your chosen subject and you become a leader in your field, an Alpha. You also get to interact with your audience. Blogging gives you the opportunity to hone in on exactly what you want your potential customers to be thinking about. In your newly acquired expert role, you are going to be looked upon as someone who’s opinion and knowledge matters and should be considered important.

Facts, Stats and Other Good Things About Blogs

According to WordPress, arguably the most popular software used for blogging,  there are over 409 million readers of more than 19.8 billion pages just on WordPress sites every single month. Which really proves that old adage, there really is a blog for everyone out there.

According to Hubspot’sBlog graphic Blog, “6 Stats You Should Know About Business Blogging in 2015”, “Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.” I just linked to Hubspot’s Blog site to share that quote with you, thus creating a perfect loop to the thesis they presented in their blog!

By the way, what is a “Blog” anyway? According to Wikipedia blog is “a truncation of the expression web-log” like a ship’s log. Your blog doesn’t have to list every single minute detail of your day (that’s what your Instagram and Facebook page is for!) but it should be on a regular basis in order to reap the SEO and content benefits that blogging can provide to your website.

Blogging Benefits

Not only are you going to help your business, your website’s SEO, your communication skills and maybe even your self confidence, but you are going to give yourself fresh and relevant content upon with you get  to work your online marketing magic.  Every new blog gives you a chance to share your business and your website on social media. Without having to change up content on your website all the time, you can add freshness and relevance with a simple post. Each blog becomes its own special landing page, full of valuable information (not to mention valuable keywords) that you can share endlessly across social media platforms, as well as your email marketing campaigns. Don’t discount the import of having new information to post on a regular basis.

Blogging is Fun

The best part of blogging is really being something of a kid again. It’s like getting to write a book report on a book you really loved, even adding pictures to the report. Or it’s like picking a subject you really wanted to learn more about in science class and presenting it to the whole class when you knew (or at least strongly believed) you were going to get at least a good grade because you kicked some major butt in youA+ grader research. All that and you won’t even have to worry about your report card. You are going to get an A for effort for at least giving blogging a try!

As long as you follow basic and common sense guidelines (no plagiarism, use of proper attribution, keep everything simple and well-organized, try to be truthful and correct, staying on topic and not being vulgar, etc.) blogging can become second nature to your marketing efforts. Why not write a short blog and see how it goes! If nothing else, you are bound to improve your spelling and typing skills!

There are many great resources out there to help you get started writing your blog. In case you want all of the pleasure and value of a blog without having to write it yourself, check with us here at Blizzard. We love writing content and blog posts!


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