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Millenial enjoying the mountains

5 Tips to Attracting Millennials

The Largest Living Generation on Earth Millennials, a technology-loving…
Haiku definition actually applies to Facebook Ad development!

Facebook Haiku

How to Write an Effective Facebook Ad Haiku is a highly structured…

What is Voice Search ?

Voice search is the newest way to scour the internet. It utilizes…
Geo-targeting PPC

Geo-targeting & Reaching Customers on a Limited Budget

Authors: Danielle Rozga and Todd Chamberlin Don’t overlook…

Should Lodging Companies Create Ads for Their Brand Names?

This is a good question. Many people think it is a waste of money…
Conducting a search

Don't Be Left In The Dark - Use Google Search Console

Do you have a website? Do you market yourself online? …
think locally, use local citations

Its Time To Get Excited About Local Citations

What are Local Citations? With an ever-growing market, how do…
Cut Through The Noise of Adveritising on The Internet

Advertising on the Internet Facebook vs Google Adwords, Vs Bing. Which is better for my small business?

Deciding what network to advertise on and how much time and money…
Crystal Ball

Visits from the Ghosts of Social Media Trends - Past & Future

Social Media Trends Are Ever Changing. Here are some trends…
Open For Business

Don't Be A Twit! Why You Should Be On Twitter

Why Twitter? You are busy. Very, very, VERY busy. You deserve…
Friday graffiti

Attack Of The Internet Of Things

Last week, all of us sustained a shocking and disturbing reality…
computer code

In The Grand Scheme, YES, Schema Is Important (And So Is Structured Data!)

What is structured data? Structured data is a text-based organization…
facebook face

Facebook Makes More Changes

Just when you think its is done tweaking, updating and modifying,…
Sitemap for your website

Does My Webite Need A Sitemap? What The Heck IS A Sitemap Anyway?

What is a sitemap & why are they important? A sitemap is…
Glad To Have You App

Looking For Cool Tools? Blizzard Has Them!

So, perhaps you’ve heard of Glad to Have You, the guest app…

Ch..Ch..Changes - What Is Going On With Facebook Business Pages?

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange, Ch-ch-changes.…
Google+ is like broccoli

How To Cook Up A Google+ Page - And Why You Should

You are a social media machine. You have three weeks worth of…
Five stars

Build a Review Generating Machine for your Properties

One of the most critical and difficult aspects of any hospitality…

Airdna, a Treasure Trove of Vacation Rental Market Information

If you live under a rock, you might not know that Airbnb property…