Blizzard University Vlog

When it comes to digital marketing and the vacation rental industries they are one and the same in regard to endless change! Right now both industries are constantly adapting to an ever-changing marketplace and it can be hard to keep up, that’s where Blizzard comes in.

Here on the new Blizzard University Vlog you’ll find useful video clips, how-to content and articles to bridge the gap and distill the most important information down to you and your business.

computer code

In The Grand Scheme, YES, Schema Is Important (And So Is Structured Data!)

What is structured data? Structured data is a text-based organization…
facebook face

Facebook Makes More Changes

Just when you think its is done tweaking, updating and modifying,…
Sitemap for your website

Does My Webite Need A Sitemap? What The Heck IS A Sitemap Anyway?

What is a sitemap & why are they important? A sitemap is…
Glad To Have You App

Looking For Cool Tools? Blizzard Has Them!

So, perhaps you’ve heard of Glad to Have You, the guest app…

Ch..Ch..Changes - What Is Going On With Facebook Business Pages?

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange, Ch-ch-changes.…
Google+ is like broccoli

How To Cook Up A Google+ Page - And Why You Should

You are a social media machine. You have three weeks worth of…
Five stars

Build a Review Generating Machine for your Properties

One of the most critical and difficult aspects of any hospitality…

Airdna, a Treasure Trove of Vacation Rental Market Information

If you live under a rock, you might not know that Airbnb property…
Homeaway vs. Airbnb

Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway and Where Do We Go From Here?

Airbnb, as a competitor to HomeAway, is a good thing for Vacation…

Do The Safety Dance; Keeping Your Website Safe

Men Without Hats. They brought us the "Safety Dance" way back…
Online Marketing Trends

Blizzard's Best Of 2015 And Beyond

These final days of 2015 will be filled with best/worst of the…

Face Facts! Facebook Advertising Is For You

The Many Faces of Facebook Advertising Face it. We all do…

Let's Hash It Out. A Primer On Using Hashtags

Hashtags, #, aka the number sign or pound sign, are omnipresent…
Big Owl Eyes

The Eyes Have It! Using Pictures For Social Media

Pretty Pretty Pictures We humans are visual animals. We are…
writing pens

Should I Blog Or Should I Go? Why You Need To Be Writing A Blog!

You hear it all the time. From people who know what they are…
Art hanging in gallery

You Oughta Be In Pictures - Pinterest vs Instagram

You know you should know. You know you should be doing it. You…
Farm Silo

Oh Silo Mio! Why You Need Silo Website Structure

Definition of a SILO, according to Google: NOUN A tower…

Please Be Responsive To My Needs

In case you were living under a rock, or still have dial-up,…

Facebook Insights - The 5 Page Metrics that Matter Most

With all the different social media networks available these…

3 Tools to Help Withstand the Next Google Algorithm Update

Mobile-Friendly + Website = Awesome! Mobile-friendly and…