Google Double Listings

I’m sure you’ve seen listings like the ones below in the Google Search Engine Results Pages: I’ve heard them referred to as double listings and indented listings. While they are both of these things, I prefer to use double listing, as double is the feature that makes me covet them. Why do you want double […]

The Right Reasons for a New Website

Websites should be updated or redesigned every two to three years. Read what a new design will do for Navarre Properties.

Hitwise Releases Dec 07 Statistics for Travel Website Traffic

I ran across this Monthly Category Report from Hitwise – they are a major competitive intelligence analyst for many industries across the web. This report outlines the Statistics for Travel Website Traffic for December 07. SOme interesting data here that really didn’t jive with some of my assumptions, but we all know what happens when […]

How Often Should I Blog?-Part Two

Recommended blogging frequency depends on the type of blog and quality of information, and scheduling consistency may be more important than the schedule itself.

Kayak+ Sidestep=?

The biggest Meta Travel Search News of 2007- is acquiring Read more here.

Online Video-What Do I Do Now?

Online video has taken the world by storm and shows no signs of slowing down. Are you ready to compete? Find out here.

Blogging-What Happens When You Stop?

Research shows that blogging can provide several benefits to your website. Learn more about Nancy McCord’s white paper here.

Blogs-The Good, The Bad and The Abandoned

Learn the characteristics Google associates with an abandoned blog and why it matters to you.

Re-Kindle The Web with Amazon’s New E-Book Reader

Read Josh Green’s review of Amazon’s new Kindle ebook reader here.

The Future of Indexing Video is Goog-411??

For those of you familiar with the many “pools” Google dips their toes into – you may have heard of GOOG-411.  Those of you who dont know, might like to try it out.  Bascially it’s a free telephone information service that will give you a phone number, an address or even send a map to […]