“Staycations” – Capitalize on the new vacation trend

We’ve written before about trend lodging and the benefits available to those who cash in on the popularity of things like “Girlfriend Getaways” and “Mancations.” Today I was reading a USA Today article and ran across the newest “buzzword” – “Staycations!” Defined as a trip taken closer to home but for long 3 or 4 […]

Capitalize on Holiday Guests – ASK for a Review!

Many of our clients report a large number of repeat visitors in December.  People return to their home towns to visit family or they return to a favorite vacation spot.  Oftentimes, they’ve stayed with you for years. These are the IDEAL guests to ask to post a review!  Encourage them to post comments when they […]

The New Face of Tripadvisor is still not Marketer Friendly

As you may have heard, Tripadvisor has rolled out a new design and user interface.  The basics are still there – it’s still probably the most popular travel-related website on the web – but the homepage is less cluttered now.  They intend to show the site as having clearer navigation and a more evident “path” […]

Press Release SEO – Dominate Search Results With News

We have written many articles in the past about how press releases can have a big impact on your marketing efforts, including how they can be used for SEO purposes (check out Mary Bowling’s article: 5 Ways to Use Online Press Releases for SEO). Don’t believe us? Here is some proof: Vacations Inc., a Winter […]

What’s the Value of a Domain Name?

At the recent Webmaster World PubCon, a domain name auction was held. In addition to the auctioneer and a room full of prospective buyers, bids were also taken over the internet and  streamed live by WebmasterRadio. I was astounded at that unappealing names with little or no PageRank or backlinks were selling like hotcakes for […]

Universal Search, Personalization and Eye Tracking

We’ve written before about the “concept” of universal search and eyetracking, along with the reasons why it’s important to pay attention to the various verticals that feed Universal Search results.  At PubCon this year, there was a great panel that featured Gord Hotchkiss, Bill Slawski, and Greg Boser and they went over the aspects of […]

Tips & Tricks – Testing Squidoo for Travel Websites

As the Social Media Marketing wave keeps rising, Blizzard keeps surfing it. Blog link building, online media rooms, entire blog website designs, and online brand management are just a handful of the places this wave has brought us. Recently we have, for the benefit of our clients, begun testing the popular social site, Squidoo.com. Squidoo […]

Eliminate Duplicate Content

The Search Engines are intent on eliminating duplicate content from their indexes. Why? Because finding multiple versions of the same thing, instead of unique content, gives users a bad search experience. The Search Engines claim that they do not penalize websites that contain duplicate content. Instead, after deciding which page gets to stay in the […]

Client Retention through Email Marketing

Email Marketing lends a new and innovative portal to online advertising and lets you be the promoter. Collect emails during check-in, during check-out, while making reservations or browsing your website. Keep in mind, prospective and past clients are scouring the specials, deals and packages your company is promoting; looking for fun ideas for their next […]

Protect your Online Audience – Relevancy and Usability in Travel Marketing

The annual HEDNA (Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association) conference was held last week in Phoenix, Arizona.  Attendees found that one of the top challenges was information overload. Henry Harteveldt, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research gave the Kickoff keynote and was pretty harsh on the industry as a whole.  SOme statistics that he threw […]