Catching up on Small Business Strategies

It’s been quite some time since we’ve updated you on the articles Carrie Hill has written over at Search Engine Watch. Summer seems to be quite busy around here – hopefully we’re busy because our clients are busy! The following articles can be read in their entirety at Search Engine Watch. You’re welcome to comment […]

Hill Interviewed at Search Marketing Gurus

Don’t miss the online interview of Blizzard’s Carrie Hill at Search Marketing Gurus today. Along with Danielle Winfield of 10e20, she’s featured in the Women of Internet Marketing series that appears every Wednesday on their website. Learn what makes Carrie tick, tick, tick …

Notes from the SMX LoMo Summit in Denver

I’ve just returned from Search Engine Land’s Inaugural SMX Local Mobile Summit in Denver. While it was the first SMX Conference of its kind, Chris Sherman programmed the first Search Engine Strategies Local Event in Denver last year, as well. The two-day event attracted attendees from as far away as Australia. Most of the people […]

Blizzard Celebrates Customer Service Week

Its National Customer Service Week and the Blizzard team has some fun things planned to reward our group of professionals for all of their hard work. A few months ago the company as a whole had the opportunity to craft our very own customer service philosophy. It was a great experience and having everyone collaborate […]

Why You Need Blizzard Live

Reap the rewards of the Social Internet. By now you have heard of Web 2.0 and the social platforms upon which the concept is based. Every day there are exponentially more sites to compete with the Myspaces and Youtubes of the Social Internet. Every new site has the potential to become another of these “power […]

SEO for Website Photos

Optimize your images with relevant text. Image search is the second fastest growing vertical on the Internet (the first is video search). When relevant searches are made, do your images appear in the results? If not, here’s our best advice on what to do. Tell the search engines what you want them to know about […]

Get Going with

Have you checked out the for your state? Go-state is one of the largest travel websites for each state. These content laden websites have proven to be both an extremely popular way for travelers to plan their trips and a very effective advertising vehicle for businesses. Go-states has been in business since 1998 and […]

Universal Usability for the International Traveler

You may wish to make it easier for foreign vacationers. Travelers coming to the United States from other countries often try to make online hotel reservations, however with difficulties completing the required fields for their address. This is just one basic example of what it means to make your website usable for international purposes. This […]

See Your Site Through a Visitor’s Eyes

Research shows reader’s patterns. Eyetracking has been used for many years in fields like aviation and cognitive psychology, but it is only recently that advances in technology have allowed it to become part of the website usability evaluation process. For website usability purposes, eye tracking studies explore navigation, search and other interactions with online applications, […]

How to Choose the Right SEO Company

Have you ever wanted to know what to ask when selecting a Search Engine Optimization company? Greg Howlett recently published a great article, “8 Tips for Avoiding an SEO Fraudster” which addresses this very issue. I would like to highlight a couple of key points he brings up. An SEO expert in 2001 is not […]