Build an Online Community with a Blog

There are so many benefits to adding a blog to your website including increased content and online exposure, higher traffic, brand recognition, and building an online community. With the emergence of Web 2.0, online communities are the new consumption. With a blog you have the opportunity to become a local expert and resource to your […]

Mobile Pay-Per-Click Ads and the American Hotelier

For only a small investment, there is huge profit potential. The mobile search market is booming right now, and, as usual, Google is at the forefront of the action. Recognizing the increased profitability and the benefit of a more targeted audience, Google is capitalizing on the importance of the ever-evolving cellular market, benefiting both the […]

Blizzard Internet Reaches New Mark in Organic SEO Rankings

Company breaks into top 20 for first time. Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc. of Glenwood Springs, Colo., was recently awarded the 19th position in a list of the “Top 30 Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Firms in the World”. Companies in contention for the awards consist of global SEO organizations from throughout the industry. The ranking […]

eNewsletters a Successful Delivery

Team getting down to business. Start with four capable, ambitious women, stir in an updated eNewsletter program and heat it up with special training; what does that create? Blizzard’s eNewsletter Marketing Team! Our new team is chock full of raw talent and determination to get your e-mail marketing campaign boiling over with success! We’ll mix […]

Norris Takes New Post as Account Manager

Former Client Relations Manager now dedicated to Comprehensive, Enterprise clients. Lindy Norris, formerly the Client Relations Manager at Blizzard Internet Marketing, has moved into the role of Account Manager. As an Account Manager, Norris will be able to proactively work with Blizzard’s clients to support their strategic options and answer budget and contract questions. Norris […]

Blizzard ROI Tracker vs. Google Analytics

The following is a list of what the Blizzard ROI Tracker provides that Google Analytics does not. This covers both the product itself as well as support. The Products It is important to understand the differences between the two products and this can be easily explained in the following sentence: Google Analytics is a reporting […]

Blizzard Tracker Campaign Management

So many people expect to be able to track the conversion of a pay-per-click campaign. The Blizzard tracker is very effective at tracking this information. It can even break down the information into more specific detail than simply Google Adwords or MSN pay-per clicks. It is possible to add coding to the ad in the […]

Usability: Disability Limitations and Laws

A key area to creating a user friendly site is making your site compliant for the disabled and functional limitations. The Internet has become a useful tool for handicapped customers. For example, a person who stutters may want to purchase online rather than deal with speaking with someone, or a person with walking limitations may […]

Usability of Web 2.0

Social Internet has become a new way of communicating, learning. Wikipedia, Myspace, Forums, Blogs, RSS … all these words form and represent a new way of using the Internet, and has come to be known as Web 2.0. The web is no longer just about finding information, but also having the ability to influence it […]

Travel Widgets – SES Travel Conference

Widget link love. The presentation on widgets at SES Travel by Rebecca Kelly of SEOmoz was one of my favorites. Because I went to the conference knowing the least about this subject, I learned the most. Thanks, Rebecca! What is a Widget? Widget is short for “windows gadget”. (There are also Mac widgets, so don’t […]