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Monthly Q & A

Monthly Q&A

Question: I hear from people that they have sent me an email, but I have never received it. I checked my AOL spam filter, but the message was not there either. What is happening?

Answer: AOL (like other providers) is blocking a lot of email, either because of technical difficulties or because it perceives them as SPAM.

Question: On Fox News I saw a report about the  'MyDoom' virus, should I be concerned about this?

Answer: During January and February, The MyDoom virus quickly spread through the internet at an alarming pace. Effective virus and SPAM filtering reduced the impact for those that use it - our virus and SPAM filtering service stopped on average nearly 400 messages per user in the first 2 weeks of the infection!

What's New with Lodging Directories and Search Engines

What's New with Lodging Directories and Search Engines

Directory News

As we reported in the last installment of the Blizzard Newsletter, the importance of local, regional and lodging directories has increased with the search engine changes of the last few months- specifically Google. We have long touted the importance of getting your website submitted to as many lodging directories as possible. We now feel that it is going to be equally important to get your website listed on as many local and regional directories as possible. While we are still sorting through the Google changes, we have reached the conclusion that the more local websites from which you have a link to your website, the more importance that your site is going to enjoy for that area. In the coming year these local and regional directories are going to be a much bigger part of our promotion efforts than they were in the past. If you are searching for ways to help your website, some local networking with other business owners in your area willing to exchange links could be a very worthwhile pursuit.

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