Making Consumer Generated Content work for YOU!

Online reviews are inevitable - especially in the hospitality…
March 6, 2008/by Blizzard

Why Vacation Rentals Should Offer Online Booking

Being in the business development department at Blizzard…
February 6, 2008/by Blizzard

Taking Advantage of Video and Virtual Tours

Video is the new mobile - in a sense.  Three or four years…
February 5, 2008/by Blizzard

Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo! – What it means for Travel Websites


There has been a ton of coverage on Microsoft's recent…
February 4, 2008/by Blizzard

More News On Reviews

Are you getting tired of hearing about how important reviews…
January 31, 2008/by Blizzard

Trusted Reviews Can Mean More Money!

Learn how one online travel business uses Trip Advisor reviews on their site to double their conversions.
January 24, 2008/by Blizzard

Hitwise Releases Dec 07 Statistics for Travel Website Traffic

I ran across this Monthly Category Report from Hitwise - they…
January 17, 2008/by Blizzard

Kayak+ Sidestep=?

The biggest Meta Travel Search News of 2007- is acquiring Read more here.
January 9, 2008/by Blizzard

“Staycations” – Capitalize on the new vacation trend

We've written before about trend lodging and the benefits available…
December 26, 2007/by Blizzard

Capitalize on Holiday Guests – ASK for a Review!

Many of our clients report a large number of repeat visitors…
December 21, 2007/by Blizzard

The New Face of Tripadvisor is still not Marketer Friendly

As you may have heard, Tripadvisor has rolled out a new design…
December 20, 2007/by Blizzard

Press Release SEO – Dominate Search Results With News

We have written many articles in the past about how press releases…
December 19, 2007/by Danielle Rozga